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Transfer Applicants

Stetson Law welcomes and encourages applications from prospective transfer students. Transfer applications are accepted each fall and spring. Summer transfers are also accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please use the fall transfer application and contact the office directly to inform us of your wish to be considered for summer admission.

Foreign-Educated Attorneys: Please visit the Accelerated J.D. for Foreign Attorneys page for more information.

Domestic Transfer Applicants:

All applicants must be in good standing and eligible to return to their current law school. To be considered for admission, transfer applicants should receive two semesters of grades at an ABA- or state-approved law school.

The following items are required for the transfer application:

  1. Online Transfer Application - Must select either full- or part-time. Fall transfer applications open each year on February 1, and spring transfer applications open on November 1.
  2. Application Fee of $55;
  3. Statement explaining the reason for requesting to transfer;
  4. JD CAS report (Stetson University College of Law will request a copy from LSAC);
  5. Official transcript from the law school previously attended; and
  6. Documentation from the Dean, Associate Dean, or Registrar of the applicant's previous law school confirming the applicant's current standing and law school rank.

The deadline for fall transfer applications is July 15; the deadline for spring transfer applications is January 3. All files must be completed by the deadline in order to be considered. However, please feel free to submit your application in advance of the deadline. Files are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Stetson University College of Law will consider the applicant's academic achievement at the previous law school, the reason for requesting to transfer, the applicant's undergraduate grades, the LSAT score(s), and available space at the College of Law, and may consider other relevant factors. Any existing disciplinary records will also be part of the evaluation process.

We typically accept a limited number of qualified transfer applicants. The College of Law may accept up to 38 credits from an ABA-accredited U.S. law school or 29 credits from a state-approved law school. The number of credits that will transfer to Stetson University College of Law may not match the number of actual credits received at the previous law school. The decision on transfer credits is made by the Associate Dean of Academics. For more detail, see our Transfer Credit Policy (PDF).

Transfer students must meet all the graduation requirements set forth by the College of Law, including all required courses (both first-year and upper-level), four area requirements, and a minimum of 88 credits. The Associate Dean will determine to what extent courses are taken at the original institution will transfer to meet any of these requirements.

Thank you for your interest as a transfer applicant to Stetson University College of Law.

Important Information to Review:

» Transfer Applicant FAQ

» Graduation Requirements Checklist (PDF)

» Transfer Credit Policy (PDF)

» Course Catalog

Why Stetson?

Debra Clarke - Stetson Transfer Student

Ryan Nichols"When comparing the opportunities at Stetson to my former law school, the choice was easy. I was incredibly impressed by the vast amount of opportunities available to Stetson students within the Tampa Bay legal community. During my time at Stetson, I worked under a chief judge, interned for the U.S. Attorney's Office, and participated in the prosecution clinic program at the Office of the State Attorney for the 6th judicial circuit where I tried five jury trials. As a result of the opportunities that were afforded to me through Stetson, I truly feel that I was able to get considerable exposure and training that is not readily available to students at other schools. By the time I started final exams during my 3L year, I already had two job offers.


After graduating in May 2010, I joined the State Attorney's office in Clearwater.  Since that time, I have advocated more than 30 jury trials. As a prosecutor, I have the opportunity to meet attorneys from law schools all over the country. I can honestly say that Stetson alumni are ALWAYS more prepared, professional, and well-spoken than a majority of the attorneys I meet on a daily basis.

While transferring was not an easy task, I feel that my decision to come to Stetson was the most important thing I have done for my legal career. The internship opportunities, trial advocacy program, and staff really prepared me to be competitive in the legal community. I am positive that Stetson has opened doors for me that would otherwise not have been available."

Ryan S. Nichols | Assistant State Attorney | Stetson JD '10