Online LL.M. in Advocacy - Technical Requirements

The LL.M. in Advocacy program has the following technical requirements:

  Processor Computer with a processor speed of 2GHZ or PC or Mac
  Memory 2GB (2048KB) of RAM or higher
  Wireless 802.11B/G/N Compatible (Optional)
  Removable Media CD/DVD ROM reader. A writer would be a plus.
  Network High speed broadband connection like Cable/DSL (Dial-Up Connections are not supported)
  Operating System Windows XP (any edition), Windows Vista (any edition), Windows 7 (any edition) or Mac OS X
  Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  Office Suite Microsoft Office 2007 or higher (any edition).  Microsoft Office 2008 or higher for Mac (any edition)
  Media Player Windows Media Player v9 or higher
  High-quality Web cam and headset microphone
  In addition to built-in computer speakers, external speakers are recommended.