Online LL.M. in Advocacy - Program Requirements

Conferral of the Advocacy LL.M. degree requires successful completion of 24 credits in the approved curriculum.  The approved curriculum includes required and elective courses.  New students begin the program at the start of each fall semester and are automatically enrolled in Advanced Advocacy I (6 credits).  From there, various required and elective courses are offered each semester and students get to choose which courses they want to take.  Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

After their initial fall semester, students may enroll in up to as many as 6 credits (3 courses) and as few as 2 credits (1 course) per semester (although please note that usually only two courses are offered each summer due to professor availability).  How many courses a student enrolls in per semester will determine how quickly they can complete the 24 credits needed to graduate.  

The program is designed with the working professional in mind!  All courses are designed to be as flexible and convenient as possible.  The program uses an online, distance learning model including but not limited to viewing recorded lectures, live online sessions, discussion boards, and video presentations and feedback.  To facilitate an effective online learning environment, the following technical requirements must be adhered to:


Processor: Intel i5/i7 processor or AMD processor 2 GHz or faster is strongly recommended

Memory: 8GB of RAM or higher

Wireless: 802.11 G/N/AC Compatible (Optional)

Removable Media: Headset Microphone; USB Removable Media 32GB or more (recommended)

Network: High-speed broadband connection like Cable/DSL (Dial-Up Connections are not supported)


Operating System - Windows 10 or Apple Mac OS X "High Sierra" and above ("Mohave" highly recommended)

Browser - Google Chrome (highly recommended)

Office Suite - Microsoft Office365 Suite


High-quality web cam and headset microphone

In addition to built-in computer speakers, external speakers are recommended.


If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]