Professor Rose instructs a Stetson law student

Center for Excellence in Advocacy

The Center for Excellence in Advocacy promotes the continuing development of unparalleled advocacy skills through teaching, scholarship and research.

Stetson Law's Advocacy Resource Center offers instruction to a worldwide audience through online video presentations by experts in the field of advocacy.

The Stetson Law community is committed to the concept of the complete advocate - one who commands a superior understanding of the law, the ability to persuasively present evidence, and the humanity to know when to do the right thing.

For more information, please contact us at 727-562-7317. See Advocacy at a Glance for an overview of the numerous strengths of our advocacy program.

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Stetson's advocacy program is one of the best in the nation

Stetson Law is ranked third in the nation for trial advocacy by U.S. News and World Report. Effective advocacy is one of a successful lawyer's most important skills, and Stetson's commitment to teaching advocacy is unmatched.

Excellence in Competition

No law school can match Stetson's record during the past three decades of interscholastic competition:

• Ranked #3 for advocacy by U.S. News
• 6 World Championships
• 83 National Championships
• 100 Regional Championships 
• 54 State Championships
• 61 Brief Awards  
• 181 Best Oralist/ Advocate Awards 
• 6 Professionalism Awards 
• 1 Most Creative Solution Award 
• 2 National Competition Awards 

Statistics are listed as of June 2022, and only include top awards for each competition.