Mann Lounge

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mann_lounge_largephotoNamed to honor Walter H. Mann, the first chair of the College of Law Board of Overseers and a member of the University Board of Trustees, the Mann Lounge measures 48 by 85 feet and has a 16-foot ceiling. The fireplace in the lounge is a slightly modified reproduction of the painter El Greco's favorite fireplace.

The two Talaveras vases (named for the Spanish city of their origin) were part of a group of nine vases made especially for the 1895 Colombian exposition in Chicago. Another Talaveras vase is on display in the law library. These are the only ones of their kind in the world owned privately. The remaining six vases are in museums.

The paintings on the walls are the work of Peruvian artist Victor Robian from the early 1900s. Much of the furniture in the lounge is from the Rolyat Hotel's original collection.

The lounge is now used for student meetings and law school receptions. Both the Great Hall and the Mann Lounge are available for a limited number of private functions.