Great Hall

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great_hall_largephotoThe Great Hall served as the dining room for both the Rolyat Hotel and the Florida Military Academy. Measuring 48 by 96 feet, the room boasts a large, imposing fireplace and arched alcoves. The great doorways from the lobby are inspired by the oaken monastery doors of the house of one of Spain's most famous painters, El Greco.

The outer walls of the dining room, lounge and lobby are two feet thick. Flags representing every state and territory line the walls. Displayed over the fireplace are the five flags that have flown over Florida. The Flemish tapestry, believed to be woven in the latter part of the 17th century, was a gift to Stetson from Harvey S. Firestone Jr. The Great Hall now hosts a variety of events, including lectures, continuing legal education programs and award ceremonies.

The lobby outside the Great Hall is similar in size and form to the nave, or central portion, of a Spanish cathedral. The lobby presently serves as a gathering area for students and visitors.