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Four students smiling at camera while in foreign country

Christopher Holland ’21

(far left in photo)

Major: history; minor: Asian studies

“Asia is a wonderful place to learn about, especially its history; so, as a history major, an Asian studies minor fits perfectly.”

Chris’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Military History from Below: Personal Narratives, the Holland Family, and the Pacific War.”

Portrait of student smiling at camera

G. Mitchell Donahou ’21

Major: history; minor: Asian studies

“My history major complements my Asian studies minor in helping me to develop a better understanding of different Asian cultures, giving me baseline tools in Mandarin, and aiding me in better understanding important geopolitical areas throughout the world and the understanding of history as a whole.”

Mitchell’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Rethinking United States Foreign Relations: The Birth of the Taiwan Relations Act and Reflections at 40.”

Student smiling at camera with a golden-domed church in the background

Jonah Helwig ’22

Majors: history and SPREES; minor: Russian

“My history major has taught me how to analyze complex sources and arguments, which has allowed me to thrive in all aspects of the interdisciplinary SPREES Program.”

Jonah’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Crafting the Perfect Image: How Cultural Diplomacy Framed Cold War Space Accomplishments.”

Student with long hair smiling and leaning against fence

Kelli Kline ‘22

Majors: history, American studies, English and global development; minor: business law

“History and American studies go hand in hand: American studies are an integral part of historical exploration regardless of region in part due to the influence that Americans have had in the world but also because of the way in which global history has shaped American studies.”

Kelli’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Trade Restriction Effect on COVID-19 and 1918 Spanish Flu Vaccination and Transmission Rates: A Comparative Study of the United States and India.”

Student smiling and posing with a foreign building

Raul Rosales ‘22

Major: history; minors: Africana studies and education

“Being a history major means looking at numerous cultures and histories, and having an Africana studies minor enriches my knowledge and respect for cultures outside my own.”

Raul’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Florida: Blind to Brown v. Board.”

Portrait of young student smiling at camera

Trenten Ward ‘22

Majors: history and political science; minors: Latin American & Latino studies and psychology

“Understanding the historical political, economic and cultural development of Latin America allows me to understand the contemporary socio-political climate in the region.”

Trenten’s Fall 2021 senior thesis topic was “Guns or Democracy: Demilitarization and the Decline of Lethal State Repression in Costa Rica from 1900-2018.”

Portrait of professionally-dressed student smiling at camera

Catherine (Katie) Kraft ‘23

Major: history; minor: SPREES

“History allows me to explore SPREES content using the tools of historical analysis while contextualizing it with other regions.”

Student smiling at camera while standing in Palm Court

Carlye Mahler ‘24

Majors: history and communication & media studies; minor: American studies

“My history major equips me with great understandings of research and analysis that help me make the most of my American studies minor.”


Portrait of student in suit smiling at camera

Wyatt Sise ‘24

Major: history; Minor: Latin American & Latino studies

“Being a history major allows me to delve into the political, social and economic environments of the past to fully understand the ever-evolving role of Latin America on the global stage.”

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