LEAD Programs and Initiatives

LEAD offers a variety of leadership programs throughout the year to support the development and growth of students at Stetson University. 


  • What: DevelopED is a resource website of over 60 presentations available to faculty, staff, and students to request to be presented to students and organizations within the Stetson community. These presentations are presented by various faculty and staff around a variety of topics including Career Prep/Professional Development, Global Citizenship and Diversity, Leadership Development, Student Success, Wellness, and Other. On this website, there is a request form to request any of these presentations.
  • When: These presentation forms are available year-round, we ask though that the presentation requests are made two weeks in advance to give our faculty and staff enough time to find a presenter to be able to facilitate the presentation
  • Who: The presentations can be requested by anyone in the Stetson community
  • More Info: To view available presentations visit our DevelopED Website 

Leadership Summit

  • What: Leadership Summit is a half-day leadership conference for Stetson students to explore and develop their leadership skills as they kick off the year ahead. This program is open to all student leaders and offers a variety of levels of leadership development.
  • When: End of spring semester
  • Who: Open to all students at Stetson University

Omicron Delta Kappa

  • What: Omicron Delta Kappa is a National Leadership Honor Society that established a circle at Stetson in 1953. This honor society recognizes juniors and seniors at Stetson that have positively contributed to the community and explored leadership in various ways across campus.
  • When: Omicron Delta Kappa recruits new members in the fall and spring semesters
  • Who: Juniors and Seniors that meet GPA requirements are eligible for membership
  • More Info: The ULead Page will market when applications are available

Peer Leader Training

  • What: Peer Leader Training is a variety of trainings offered to students in student leader positions on campus to help them as they train for their leadership roles on campus. 
  • When: Peer Leader Training is hosted three times of year when most transitions take place in the fall, spring and summer
  • Who: Student leaders are enrolled in this training by the advisors and supervisors that oversee them in the student leader roles that they hold


  • What: Stetson University is a Strengths-Based Campus where all incoming undergraduate students take the Strengths Assessment to begin exploring their personal Strengths. Strengths provide our students an understanding of their abilities and a foundation to understand how they can continue to develop and grow at Stetson and beyond. 
  • More Info: While we offer a number of opportunities to explore their Strengths individually and through trainings if you would like to explore Strengths with your organization or team, consider booking a Strengths training through DevelopED 

Strengths Advocate

  • What: Strengths Advocate is a training that we offer to help prepare people to support others in their Strengths development and Strengths journey. This training will help those who participate feel comfortable in understanding and discussing all 34 Strengths so they can help others understand their Strengths. They will also feel comfortable leading Strengths-based discussions, exploring the Strengths of a team, and understanding Stetson's Strengths platform. 
  • When: Stetson will be launching a new online Strengths Advocate training in late spring 2021 
  • Who: While this training is primarily targeted at faculty and staff, students are also welcome to participate
  • More Info: Register to complete this online training on DevelopED

Strengths Summit

  • What: Strengths Summit is an annual conference that we offer Stetson students in early fall semester to explore all 34 Strengths and understand how to work with other people's Strengths.
  • When: Early fall semester
  • Who: Open to all students at Stetson
  • More Info: Registration will be available online through ULead

Top Hatter Leadership Awards

  • What: Top Hatter Leadership Awards is a calmative end of the year leadership banquet focused on celebrating and recognizing the leadership efforts of the Stetson community through remembrance of the past year and building excitement for what is ahead. During this event, faculty, staff, students, and organizations receive awards to acknowledge their work, these recipients are nominated by the community and selected by a committee.
  • When: Last Tuesday of the spring semester
  • Who: All Faculty, Staff, and Students at Stetson are eligible for nomination. To receive an invitation to this event, you must be a nominee or nominator for an award.
  • More Info: The Top Hatter Leadership Awards page provides further details about this event


  • What: ULead (Stetson's Unified Leadership Applications) is an online website focused on marketing leadership opportunities across campus. This website markets the majority of student leadership roles on campus and provides a unified marketing approach to learning about leadership on campus.
  • When: The ULead page is constantly updated with new leadership opportunities available at Stetson University.
  • More Info: The Stetson ULead Page offers opportunities to learn about student leadership positions.