LEAD Programs and Initiatives

LEAD offers a variety of leadership programs throughout the year to support the development and growth of students at Stetson University. 


  • What: Catalyst is a one-day program for students focused on learning to develop your own authentic path, connect to groups and causes you care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for yourself and the groups you’re part of. This program is hosted by the non-profit group Leadershape on the Stetson campus.
  • When: TBD
  • Who: All Stetson Students
  • More Info: Interested in registering today? Visit the ULead Page

Daring to Lead

  • What: Daring to Lead is a weekend long retreat hosted for Stetson juniors to focus on leading through values, contributing to their community, and making a positive change that can last a lifetime. Students are selected for this retreat by various departments to represent their student leader groups and to help develop a community amongst these student leaders on campus.
  • When: January 2018
  • Who: Junior/Sophomore student leaders nominated across campus

Emerging Leaders

  • What: Emerging Leaders is an 8-week program hosted by LEAD Team for sophomore students to explore leadership when working with others. Throughout this program, participants will be challenged to understand the needs of others and develop techniques to support those around them when leading.
  • When: second half of each semester
  • Who: Sophomore Students interested in developing as a leader
  • More Info: Interested in applying for Emerging Leaders? Visit the ULead Page

Executive Round Table

  • What: Executive Round Tables are monthly speakers that are brought to campus to discuss how leadership got them to where they currently are in their career and how they continue to utilize leadership in their work. This event is hosted in an open forum setting where the speaker sets the stage with a short lecture and then the program transitions into an open forum for questions.
  • When: Once a Month
  • Who: Open to all members of the Stetson community
  • More Info: Check out our LEAD Facebook page with the latest updates on when an Executive Round Table will happen on campus.

First Year Leadership Experience (FYLE)

  • What: First Year Leadership Experience is a 10-week program for first-year students to explore their leadership skills and develop a plan to continue their leadership throughout their time at Stetson University. This program is led by LEAD Team facilitators and assistant facilitators and is focused on preparing students to become the future student leaders at Stetson University.
  • When: Fall Semester
  • Who: Students in their first year at Stetson University
  • More Info: Interested in applying for First Year Leadership Experience? Visit the ULead Page


  • What: LEAD Team is a collective team of student leaders focused on developing, designing, and facilitating programs centered around furthering student leadership development at Stetson University. Through LEAD Team initiatives, we hope to strengthen Stetson students to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • When: LEAD Team is a yearlong commitment, hired during the fall semester, LEAD Team members serve within their role the following spring and fall semesters
  • Who: Current First Year, Sophomore, and Junior students are welcome to apply to be part of LEAD Team for the upcoming year
  • More Info: Learn more about LEAD Team online on the ULead Page 


  • What: LEAD Week is a compilation of programs and events through a week in the spring focused on promoting Leadership Development. Throughout this week, programs are hosted each day to provide students various opportunities to explore leadership. The week includes Executive Round Table, ULead Fair, Career Fair, and other events led by students.
  • When: October 16, 2017, through October 20, 2017
  • Who: With a variety of programs, there is something for everyone to celebrate and grow as a leader here at Stetson University
  • More Info: Learn about the variety of programs available this year soon


  • What: LEAD-A-Palooza (formally known as the Welcome Back Leadership Banquet) is an event to celebrate the work of student leaders across campus as they move back on campus early for leadership training.
  • When: August before FOCUS begins
  • Who: Student leaders that move back on campus early for leadership training and to support the welcome of incoming first-year students

Leadership Resource Library

  • What: Located at Hub in the Cub on the second floor of the Carlton Union Building, the Leadership Resource Library is a collection of materials for students, faculty and staff members to use as they work to develop leadership skills or find ideas for ice breakers and team building exercises.
  • When: Available all year
  • Who: Open to all of the Stetson community
  • More Info: Explore the Leadership Resource Library page for more information on current team builders and the activity reservation form!

Leadership Summit

  • What: Leadership Summit is a half-day leadership conference for Stetson students to explore and develop their leadership skills as they kick off the year ahead. This program is open to all student leaders and offers a variety of levels of leadership development.
  • When: In the fall semester
  • Who: Open to all students at Stetson University

Leading Beyond Stetson

  • What: Leading Beyond Stetson is a campus partner program focused on supporting seniors as they begin their transition out of college in order to better support them in leadership experiences after Stetson. This program is in partnership with First Year and Transition, Career and Professional Development, and the Alumni Office.
  • When: October 2017 and February 2018
  • Who: Senior level students at Stetson University
  • More Info: Register online through the ULead Page

Omicron Delta Kappa

  • What: Omicron Delta Kappa is a National Leadership Honor Society that established a circle at Stetson in 1953. This honor society recognizes juniors and seniors at Stetson that have positively contributed to the community and explored leadership in various ways across campus.
  • When: Omicron Delta Kappa recruits new members in the fall and spring semesters
  • Who: Juniors and Seniors that meet GPA requirements are eligible for membership
  • More Info: Visit the ULead Page  to see when applications are posted each semester

Social Justice Leadership Retreat

  • What: The Social Justice Leadership retreat is an immersive learning experience for Stetson students to understand their own identity and how to apply that as a leader within the community, to understand those inside and outside their groups in order to better navigate dissonance and challenges that arise between identity groups, and to support students in navigating and leading within their community.
  • When: February 24 – 25, 2018
  • Who: All Stetson students are welcome to apply to participate in this retreat
  • More Info: Apply for the 2018 Social Justice Leadership Retreat through the ULead Page

Strengths Finder

  • What: To help support leadership development through Strengths-Based learning, LEAD serves as a hub for strengths-based learning initiatives and provides presentations, resources, and codes to utilize Strengths learning across campus.
  • More Info: Interested in booking a Strengths training? Explore the Stetson DevelopED page to learn about presentations possible. Explore the Leadership Library to learn more about Strengths.

Student Leadership in Community Engagement (SLICE)

  • What: Student Leadership in Community Engagement is a six-week program for students to explore the impact that leadership makes in their community and ways to utilize and support the community through their work.
  • When: SLICE is available in the fall semester
  • Who: All Stetson students are eligible to apply for the SLICE program
  • More Info: Learn more about the program and apply today through the ULead Page

Top Hatter Leadership Awards

  • What: Top Hatter Leadership Awards is a calmative end of the year leadership banquet focused on celebrating and recognizing the leadership efforts of the Stetson community through remembrance of the past year and building excitement for what is ahead. During this event, faculty, staff, students, and organizations receive awards to acknowledge their work, these recipients are nominated by the community and selected by a committee.
  • When: Last Tuesday of the spring semester
  • Who: All Faculty, Staff, and Students at Stetson are eligible for nomination. To receive an invitation to this event, you must be a nominee or nominator for an award.
  • More Info: Explore the Top Hatter Leadership Awards page to learn about this year’s event


  • What: ULead (Stetson’s Unified Leadership Applications) is an online website focused on marketing leadership opportunities across campus. This website markets the majority of student leadership roles on campus and provides unified marketing approach to learning about leadership on campus.
  • When: The ULead page is constantly updated with new leadership opportunities available at Stetson University.
  • More Info: Explore the ULead Page today to learn about student leadership opportunities.

ULead Fair

  • What: ULead Fair is an event for Stetson students to explore many of the transformational student leadership opportunities offered by the Stetson community. At this fair, we traditionally have 16-25 student leadership groups tabling to help students explore what opportunities they would like to make part of their Stetson journey.
  • When: Fall and spring semester
  • Who: This event is open to all of the Stetson community
  • More Info: Explore the LEAD Facebook page to learn when the next ULead Fair is taking place.