Meg G. Weinberger

Meg G. Weinberger

Vice President, Simple Life Medical
President, Rescue Life Sanctuary

West Palm Beach, FL

Meg Weinberger is the president of Rescue Life, a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary. Meg has a life-long track record of community involvement. Rescue Life, based in Palm Beach County, is dedicated to saving animals in need. Started by Weinberger and her family in 2013, Rescue Life is an animal sanctuary that saves animals from a life of abuse or an untimely death. Her menagerie includes donkeys, horses, zebras, swans, cats and many more animals. Rescue Life collaborates with many local organizations as well, including the Dreamride Experience, Hometown Foundation, Els Center for Excellence Autistic School, where it provides therapy dogs, and Aunt Florida Project's summer camps, where it opens its grounds to under-served middle schoolers. Before starting her own foundation, Weinberger served as an officer and Vice President for five years on the board of Big Dog Ranch. During her tenure, she organized numerous large-scale fundraising campaigns and events. Weinberger is also a mentor at Place of Hope and Kid Sanctuary and has held numerous positions on their fundraising committees throughout the years. On many weekends, she takes foster children to pet adoption events, believing that animals heal emotional wounds and offer unconditional love.

Working with children and animals is Weinberger's life-long passion. As her eldest daughter has recently become a member of the Stetson community, Weinberger hopes to expand her efforts to students who are transitioning from high school to college and from teenagers who are transitioning into driven, impactful, happy and community-involved young adults. "It's an honor to serve on this board," says Weinberger. "I look forward to bringing my holistic approach to life into a collegiate setting."

Megan resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband Eric Weinberger. They have two daughters, Zoie and Riley. Zoie is a current Stetson student and member of the Stetson Women's Soccer team. Megan was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2022.