Emergency Management

Stetson University Policy Team & Emergency Management Team (EMT)

The Stetson University Policy Team and Emergency Management Team (EMT) are responsible for managing campus emergencies and severe weather conditions. The Policy Team serves as the command and control element of each campus. The Policy Team establishes policies to direct and coordinate disaster operations. These policies and directions are, in conjunction with the President's guidance, given to the respective campus Emergency Management Team (EMT) for implementation. The EMT serves as the operational element that implements both the campus response and coordinates external and internal resources. This may or may not be accomplished utilizing a campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) configuration. The method will be determined by the size and complexity of the event.

Centralized command and control of emergency events at all three (3) Stetson campuses are provided by the same Policy Team with the addition of a specific campus position of authority for events occurring on that campus. Since the four campuses are spread across the state, the Policy Team may need to convene virtually or by telecom for events occurring at one of the regional campus locations. Because the campuses are separated, each one of the campuses should practice decentralized execution of operations through the respective campus EMT.

It should be noted that each campus EMT is comprised of those positions necessary to operationally implement the Policy Team guidance/directives at each campus. Since every event is different, the EMT may require different areas of expertise on each of the different campuses to coordinate the university response. Therefore, not all listed members of an EMT team will be activated for every event, only those positions deemed necessary by the Policy Team and the President. Positions designated as EMT Chair will convene and direct the EMT team and serve as the liaison to the Policy Team.

All the campuses are tied together through the Stetson website, the Hatter Alert Notification System, email servers and telephone. Those members of the EMT located at the College of Law in Gulfport form the nucleus of a crisis communication team with designated faculty and staff support for communication and logistics the same as the DeLand Campus EMT. They report their EMT activities to the Policy Team. At the Tampa Law Center, the Dean of the Law School appoints a ranking designee on site to contact and liaison with the Second District Court of Appeal concerning emergency events. For all severe (major) events, all campuses should dial 911 for assistance and follow up with a call to Campus Public Safety.