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Disaster Plan

The Stetson University Office of Public Safety has distributed this Department Disaster Plan Template as part of the university’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). The purpose of the template is to provide a plan framework for the individual university departments during an emergency. This also acts as a departmental Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). The plan is designed to assist in the protection of all members of the Stetson community while ensuring restoration of services and support as quickly as possible. Questions about the template should be directed to the Office of Public Safety in DeLand.

Department Operations, Functions and Facilities

Primary Contact Information

Secondary Contact Information

Department Information

Department Hazards

Describe special hazards or needs for designated areas under your department control. plan_resource and direction to mitigate conditions. If not applicable, not NA in the section.

Department Evacuation to Activate Internal Disaster Plan

Designated Department Disaster Group Members

Plan Must Adress:

Evacuation Plans (for staff/students/animals)

Appointment of an Evacuation Team: If Applicable

Shelter-in-place plans

Department Specific Information

Department Chain of Command

Delegation of Authoriy (Department)

Order of Succession (Department)

Department Alternate Operation Site

This plan must be revised, updated and exercised at least annually by all Departments to maintain familiarity with Internal Policy and requirements of all personnel. A tabletop drill we be required and attested by each Department Chair.

Completed forms will be submitted to Emergency Management by August 1st of each Year.