WISE Student Coordinator

The Student Coordinators' main responsibilties include:

  • Assisting the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion on WISE programming
  • Acts as a liaison for WISE Leaders and Scholars
  • Develops, creates and distributes marketing materials
  • Provide assistance and direction to WISE Leaders
  • A thoughtful facilitator who provides access to people and resources
  • Serve as a role model and advocate

Irene Laws

Year: Junior
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Social Science with concentrations in Sociology and Psychology
Minor: Political Science
Extracurricular activities: WISE Leader, WISE Student Coordinator, and the President of the Black Student Association
Tip for incoming students: Keep one thing in your mind: it is about you! There is no one to impress but yourself, no one to push you but yourself and you have everything to look forward to right in front of you. Being true to who you are, what you are interested in, how you feel and accepting the trials and tribulations that come your way will lead to the best college experience.