WISE Leaders 2020-2021

WISE Leaders

Victor Lacerda Siqueira

Home: Brazil
Major: Physics
 Studying the universe, singing, and posting videos on my YouTube channel

Chloe Geter

Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology and Entrepreneurship
Extracurricular activities: WISE, BSA, and CSA
Passions: Environmental sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights activism, spirituality, minority rights and mental health

Jean Nehja Guillaume

Hometown: First-generation Haitian and currently living in Georgia
Major: Aquatic and Marine Biology Pre-Veterinary
Minor: Elementary Education
Extracurricular activities: WISE and Greek Life
Hobbies: Video games, cartoons, marine life, baking, painting, and sewing

Abby Fauteux

Year: Junior
Hometown: Lakeland, FL
Major: Health Science
Tip for incoming students: Always try new things!

Kelly Lynn Love

Major: History and Elementary Education
Extracurricular activities: Stetson Votes, League of Women Voters, Stetson Table Top Club, Stetson’s Hatter/ Pep Band, and BSA
Hobbies: Learning new things, volunteering, playing board games/ video games, attending multicultural events, participating in FitFam and hanging out with friends

Trionna Lewis

Year: Junior
Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL
Major: Health Science
Extracurricular activities: Gospel and Cultural Choir, Black Student Association, and Top Hats Dance Team
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, boxing, R&B (but I like to listen to all genres of music), and writing poetry

Isaac Mendez

Aspiration: Pediatric Cardiologist
Major: Health Science
Minor: Education
Extracurricular activities: WISE and BSA
Hobbies and Passions: Social justice/underrepresented communities, swimming, eating tacos, and hanging out with friends

Jodaun Dotson

Major: Business Administration
Extracurricular activities: WISE and BSA
Hobbies: Outdoors/exploring nature, basketball, relaxing and playing video games with friends

Justin Alvarado

Year: Junior
Major: International Business
Minor: Psychology
Extracurricular activities: WISE, Pi Kappa Phi, CSA, and the Secretary for the Stetson Powerlifting Club
Hobbies: Gym, playing sports, and going to wildlife conservations

Zykira "Zee" Williams

Major: Political Science (Pre-Law track)
Minor: Business Law Minor
Extracurricular activities: Writing Tutor, Circulation Assistant, BSA, and a returning WISE Leader
Hobbies: Debates and participate in anything competitive

D'Angelo Brown

Major: Political Science and American Studies
Minor: Community Engagement
Extracurricular activities: WISE, BSA and the Bonner Program
Hobbies: Basketball and talking politics

Aimeé N. Majia Rone

Major: Poltical Science (pre-law track)
Dream: Immigration Lawyer
Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with family

Miracle Duff

Major: Philosophy and English
Minor: Elementary Education
Extracurricular activities: WISE and Kappa Alpha Theta
Hobbies: Roller Derby (for the local team, Thunder City Derby Sirens), dancing, painting, and vinyl records for days

Giansy "Gigi" Paul

Hometown: Haitian American from Miami, FL
Major: Political Science and Public Management
Extracurricular activities: Student Amabassador, Secretary of SASA, VP of Education for the Honor Counsil System
Hobbies: Spoken poetry, balancing my chakra's and anything meaningful for growth in self and others

Jayde Trabert

Major: Psychology (pre-law track)
Extracurricular activities: BSA, CSA and Stetson Votes
Hobbies: poetry, music, I'm usually always in the CCC on a bean bag (and I'm also a Gemini)