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Cayman Islands 2015-16 Calendar

Cayman Islands 2015-16 Class Schedule


Week 1

Class 1A: Foreign Entity Reporting Requirements (Liberis)

Day 1 Reading
Day 1 Reading
Day 2 Reading
Day 3 Reading
Day 4 Reading

Class 1B:  Climate Change Law and the Future of Small Islands States

IPCC Synthesis Report
Simpson Sea Level and Its Impacts
World Bank Little Green Data Book
Solomon and Warner Protection of Persons Displaced
Parihar Why Compensation for Climate Change Damage Must Be in the Paris Agreement
Bailey Loss and Damage - The Third Era of Climate Change
Climate Home - What Role Should Climate Compensation Have in a Paris Deal?
Danish - The International Climate Regime
Byrd-Hagel Resolution
Revkin Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms
Posner and Sunstein Climate Change Justice
Gardiner Ethics and Global Climate Change
Purdy Climate Change and the Limits of the Possible
Wirth - The International and Domestic Law of Climate Change A Binding Agreement
Mass v EPA
Util Air Regulatory Grp v EPA
EPA Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources
Restatement of Torts 821B (Public Nuisance)
Restatement of Torts 826 (Gravity of Harm and Utility of Conduct)
CT v AEP (2011)
Woods ATL Across the World
Alec L v McCarthy (DC Cir 2014)
Sanders Reed ex rel Sanders Reed v Martinez
Klein - Liability of Governments for Failure to Prepare for Climate Change
Urgenda v Staat 24.06.2015
Huffman - Global Warming Goes to Court
Dernbach - Dutch Court Netherlands Must Do More
Leghari v Pakistan 090415
Yale Center Climate Change and the ICJ
Oslo Principles

Week 2

Class 2A:  Comparative Choice of Law Rules in Tort:  EU Rules vs. English Common Law Rules

Tort Common Law Rules
Non-Contractual Obligations

Class 2B:  Anti-Money Laundering

Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
Timeline of Development of Anti-Money Laundering Legislation
FATF's 40 Recommendations on Money Laundering
Compliance Forms
Suspicious Activity Report Form
Guidance on Preparing Suspicious Activity Report Narrative
Sample Suspicious Activity Report Narratives
Money Laundering Case Studies
Glossary of Acronyms and Terms