Stetson University College of Law Leadership


Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz
Dean and Professor of Law
B.A., University of Scranton, Pennsylvania; J.D., Loyola University New Orleans; LL.M., Georgetown University

Michael P. Allen
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law, and Director of Veterans Law Institute
B.A., University of Rochester; J.D., Columbia University 

Susan D. Rozelle
Associate Dean for Faculty and Professor of Law
B.A., University of Central Florida; J.D., Duke University

Stephanie A. Vaughan
Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Professor of Legal Skills
B.A., University of Alabama; J.D., Stetson University

Laura Zuppo
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Financial Planning
B.A., Cedar Crest College; M.B.A., Keller Graduate School of Management ; M.S., Drexel University

John Keyser
Assistant Dean for Administration and Decision Support
B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Kevin Hughes
Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Engagement
B.S., Allegheny College



Stan Arthur
Manager of Video Production

Deborah Bartles
Registrars Associate

Tammy L. Briant
Director for Student Life
B.S., B.A., University of Tampa
J.D., Stetson University

Joann Grages Burnett
Associate Director for Career Development
B.A., University of Florida
J.D., Stetson University

Beth J. Casey
Assistant Director for Career Development
B.S., University of Florida
J.D., Stetson University

Michael J. Casey
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
B.A., University of South Florida

Ashley C. Cease
Assistant Director for Academic Success and Bar Preparation Services
B.A., B.A., University of Michigan
J.D., University of Miami

Barry Cellamare

Network and Computer Support Specialist
A.S. New Hampshire Technical Institute
A.A. St. Petersburg College

Kamilah Clark
Assistant Director for Career Development
B.S., Florida State University
J.D., Florida State University

Kristen M. Cohen
Assistant Director of International Programs
B.A., M.Ed., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

David A. Cutler
Director for Facilities Management
B.S., Saint Michael's College
A.S., Vermont Technical College

William Delgado
Director of Information Technology
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), NJ

Shannon Edgar
Director of Faculty Support Services
B.A., Eckerd College

Eric Espinosa
Supervisor, Facilities

Jennifer Fraser
Associate Director for Student Financial Planning
B.S., Stockton State College

Michael Golladay
Supervisor, Custodial Services

Heidi M. Gonzales
Student Financial Planning Officer
B.A., University of Memphis
M.H.A., Texas Woman's University

Jack Harman
Assistant I.T. Operations Manager

Korey Henson
Associate Director, Career Development
B.S. Allegheny College
J.D. Stetson University

Don Howard
Chief of Public Safety
National Crime Institute University, Louisville
C.S.A., St. John's University

Carmen B. Johnson
Assistant Director for Admissions and Diversity Initiatives
B.A., University of Miami
J.D., Stetson University

Patricia R. Johnson
Associate Vice President of Budget and Finance
B.A., University of South Florida
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Jenna L. Kelly
Associate Director for Student Life
B.A., University of South Florida
M.Ed., University of South Florida

Darren Kettles
Associate Director of Admissions
B.A., M.A., Rollins College

Frank Klim
Executive Director of Communications
B.S., Northern Michigan University



Also see:

Board of Overseers


Darlene Krizen
Manager, Center for Excellence in Elder Law

Roxane Latoza
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Kimberlee Long
Associate Director of Accounting
B.S., West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Kristina Macys
Director of Events
A.A., St. Petersburg College 

Catherine Martin
Director for Career Development
B.S., University of Pittsburgh
M.B.A., Stetson University

Felisha McCaster
A.S., Southern Careers Institute

Trista A. Miller
Staff Attorney, Veterans Law Institute
B.A., University of Hawaii
J.D., Stetson University

Erin Okuno
Foreman Biodiversity Fellow
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
J.D., Stetson University

Brandi Palmer
Manager of Media Relations
B.A., Eckerd College
M.A., University of South Florida
M.A., Savannah College of Art and Design

Jeff Palmieri
HVAC Supervisor
Pinellas Technical Education; AC, Heating & Refrigeration
Certified Service Mechanic

Velaine Paryzek
Manager, International Programs

Daniel Payne
Director of Media Services
B.S., Eastern Michigan University

Kathryn Pelham
Assistant Director for Academic Success and 
Bar Preparation Services
J.D. Stetson University
B.S. University of South Florida

Michael W. Pierce
Director of Bar Preparation Services
B.A., Duquesne University
J.D., Stetson University

Matthew Procopio
Web Developer
B.S., North Carolina State University

Robert Ratkiewicz
Associate Director of Business Services
B.S., University of South Florida

Tracy Rich
Assistant Director for Residential Life
A.A., St. Petersburg College

Mercy Roberg
Director, Office of Professional Education
B.Ed., M.Ed., University of Florida 
J.D., Stetson University

Michelle Ryan
Senior Accountant
B.S., University of South Florida

Pam Skoularakos
Director for Human Resources
B.A., Saint Leo University

W. Dale Stubblefield
Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

JR Swanegan
Director for International Programs
B.A., J.D., University of Missouri 

Patricia Toups
Assistant Director of Development
B.A., Stetson University

Rebecca S. Trammell
Law Library Director and Professor of Law
B.A., Lindenwood University
M.L.S., Dominican University
J.D., University of Denver
Ph. D., Nova Southeastern University

Brian Vandervliet
Web Content Manager
B.S., University of Kansas

Erika S. Wilson
Assistant Director, Center for Excellence
   in Advocacy
B.A., University of North Florida
J.D., Stetson University