Mission, Vision and Values


Stetson University College of Law provides a dynamic and supportive scholarly community in which students learn, in and outside the classroom and by example, to become outstanding lawyers and leaders who serve the profession and society.


Stetson University College of Law strives to be a diverse and selective law school whose faculty and students will have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the law, the profession and society.


Stetson University College of Law is committed to teaching, mentoring, skills training, and providing students with a transformative educational experience.

Stetson University College of Law is committed to professionalism, ethics, civility, mutual respect, and integrity.

Stetson University College of Law is committed to developing a vibrant and dynamic intellectual community.

Stetson University College of Law is committed to community, access to justice, and stewardship.

Strategic Plan

Stetson University College of Law's strategic planning process offers an opportunity to bring our community together for rich, creative, and innovative discussions. Our Strategic Plan is built upon Stetson University values of personal growth to increase self-knowledge, intellectual development to achieve academic excellence and foster exploration, and global citizenship to be informed and engaged in our communities and beyond.

Strategic Actions

Attract and retain academically highly qualified, capable, diverse, motivated, ethical, and professional students.

  • Collaborate with undergraduate institutions to increase prospective students' opportunities with Stetson Law.
  • Attract students who will positively contribute to Stetson Law's academic and cultural environment; who are diverse in background and experience; who exhibit ethical and professional conduct and good character; who demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of the legal profession; and who have the ability and work ethic to be successful in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice.
  • Expand Stetson Law's financial resources to increase scholarships.
  • Generate non-tuition revenue and manage costs to improve students' ability to afford a Stetson Law education.
  • Strengthen student recruitment efforts by actively including faculty, staff, current students, and alumni.

Offer a forward-thinking and well-rounded legal education where students acquire legal knowledge, practice-ready skills, and stellar ethics and professionalism.

  • Use Stetson Law's areas of strength to build upon a nationally and internationally-recognized educational program that makes a Stetson Law legal education distinctive among law schools.
  • Continue to develop, evaluate, and update both the curriculum and extra-curricular offerings to ensure that students receive a relevant, high-quality legal education.
  • Expand emphasis on practice-centered, experiential, and simulated learning, and give every student an opportunity to participate.
  • Continue to develop teaching excellence by supporting effective, innovative teaching.
  • Provide students with pro bono and public service opportunities that deepen the educational experience.

Empower students and alumni to be successful legal professionals and serve the public good.

  • Ensure that graduates possess the legal knowledge and lawyering skills needed for marketplace success.
  • Empower and support students and alumni to successfully pursue local, national, and international employment opportunities, both legal and non-legal.
  • Provide students with effective professional, personal, and leadership development; financial management training; counseling services; academic support; and bar preparation services.
  • Support alumni throughout the life of their careers with access to training, career development, networking, and educational opportunities.
  • Prioritize making a Stetson Law legal education more affordable so graduates can pursue public service careers, address the legal needs of those with limited means, and participate in law improvement activities.
  • Help students pursue career and financial strategies that decrease their legal education costs while providing them public service opportunities.

Foster an “every moment counts” culture.

  • Sustain a collaborative and supportive environment where faculty, staff, and students respectfully interact to create a richer educational and professional experience.
  • Provide every student with the opportunity to have faculty mentors.
  • Increase student engagement throughout the law school experience.
  • Use technological advances, one-on-one counseling, faculty and alumni involvement, and networking opportunities to provide every student with ready access to up-to-date information for making wise educational and career choices.
  • Encourage faculty to collaborate across all subject matter areas to teach, create knowledge, and engage in service that adds value to the Stetson Law experience for students, alumni, peer groups, and the public.
  • Continually evaluate whether the size of the student body, faculty, and staff; the nature of campus programming; and the allocation of financial and other resources are consistent with sustaining the Stetson Law culture.

Attract and retain an excellent and diverse faculty and staff.

  • Hire the most qualified faculty and staff who meet the demands of the relevant position and who support Stetson Law's mission, vision, and values.
  • Hire faculty and staff who reflect contemporary society's pluralism.
  • Reward faculty and staff who regularly achieve excellence in their work.
  • Facilitate innovative work arrangements to encourage excellence and support quality of life.

Generate knowledge relevant to Stetson Law's local, national, and international communities and share that knowledge with others.

  • Provide faculty with the time and resources needed to create knowledge and to share their research, scholarship, and expertise with others, including policy makers and opinion leaders.
  • Expand the reach of faculty knowledge and expertise by supporting faculty in community involvement and leadership.
  • Support Stetson Law community members in pursuing a wide-variety of knowledge-generating activities that enhance the visibility of Stetson Law and comport with Stetson Law's mission, vision, and values.

Make a positive and lasting impact in the Tampa Bay community, the State of Florida, and beyond.

  • Maintain Stetson Law's ongoing commitment to public service and pro bono, law reform, and leadership activities, and use the skills and expertise of its faculty, staff, and students to serve the needs of the local, national, and international community.
  • Encourage faculty, staff, and student leadership in local, national, and international organizations.
  • Establish educationally sound clinical education, public service, and pro bono opportunities for students that serve populations in need.
  • Prepare and inspire students to make a significant commitment to public service that continues throughout their professional careers.

Position Stetson Law's physical space, communications capabilities, information services, and technology services to provide support for innovative, mission-centered teaching, knowledge-creation, and service.

  • Continuously modernize and adapt the physical space, communications capabilities, information services, and technology services to meet the needs of the Stetson Law community.
  • Explore, develop, and evaluate ways to better connect with prospective and current students, alumni, and other constituencies through improved communication and technology.
  • Foster an environment where the Stetson Law community collaborates to meet its communication, information, and technology needs.