Physics Department Equipment--

--all for our UNDERGRADUATE students 

This is a list of some of the equipment which belongs to the Physics Department, but this list is not exhaustive. Some of this equipment resides in our teaching labs; other is part of the professional research labs of our faculty.

(The picture [right] is Jon, working on his senior research project on our atomic force microscope.)

All of our equipment is in place for our students to use during their tenure at Stetson; some of it is equipment that would not generally be accessible to undergraduates at major universities.

atomic force microscope (AFM)
scanning electron microscope (SEM)
scanning tunneling microscope (STM)
radio telescope
12" Meade telescope with solar filters
8" Celestron telescope
TV holography
ultra high vacuum electron diffraction
vibrating sample magnetometer
table-top x-ray crystalography unit
Stirling engine
gamma ray spectrometer
Franck-Hertz apparatus
e/m apparatus
Planck's Constant apparatus
Mickelson interferometer
microwave interferometer
electron diffraction apparatus
prism spectrometers
Ruchardt's apparatus for measurement of gamma
velocity of light apparatus
viscosity measurement apparatus
bench top high vacuum apparatus with mass spectrometer
big G torsion balance
adiabatic gas law apparatus
large laboratory electromagnet
optical lab tables