Cultures, Habits, and Attire

Different Cultures and Habits

The cultures and habits of the host countries may differ significantly from those in the United States. A good example of these differences is evidenced by differing attitudes toward smoking. While many restrictions on smoking in hotels, restaurants, and public places exist in the United States, few such restrictions exist in many of our host countries. Stetson University College of Law is not able to require American-style restrictions on smoking in the facilities it uses in its summer abroad programs.

Business Attire

As part of the study abroad experience, you may visit one, or more, courts, organizations, NGOs, or governmental agencies. These visits are a required part of the study abroad experience, and attendance is required for the awarding of academic credit. You must be properly attired for these visits. You, therefore, are expected to bring business attire with you. Proper business attire includes either a suit, or jacket along with ties for males, and comparable attire for females. Please do not chew gum while on these visits as this is considered rude.