Academic Program - Granada, Spain

classroom in GranadaAll students will be enrolled in four separate one-credit hour courses that focus on comparative and international law issues. Classes will generally meet during the mornings, Monday-Thursday, leaving afternoons and three-day weekends free for social events and travel. The class will meet on one Friday to visit legal institutions, such as Spanish courts and other legal institutions.

The classroom is located at the Universidad de Granada (AULA 22 DEL AULARIO DE DERECHO). 

The Universidad de Granada provides Stetson with administrative office space at AULA ARANZADI. 

Stetson's Institute for Comparative and International Law provides a comprehensive study of comparative and international law issues. All course instruction will be in English.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Foundations of Nationalism, Globalism, and Human Rights (Timothy Floyd, Mercer)
  • Political Movements in Tax (Kristin Gutting, Charleston)
  • The Internet, the Law, and Populist Uprisings (Catherine Cameron, Stetson)
  • Social Movements and the Law and Technology of Free Speech and Government Surveillance (Marc Blitz, OCU)

See Courses for a more complete description of the classes offered.