Liability and Insurance

Overseas Insurance Coverage

Neither Stetson nor its co-sponsors will be responsible for personal injury, illness, or loss or damage to personal property in the study abroad program. Participants must obtain Travel Accident Insurance through Stetson to provide medical coverage for travel outside the U.S. and this fee will be charged to each student's account. As always, participants should be cautious and assume responsibility for their personal safety while traveling outside the United States.

Stetson requires that all students participating in a university study abroad program obtain adequate travel accident insurance for the duration of their stay abroad.An Overseas Accident and Sickness Insurance and Crisis Management assistance is automatically provided through CHUBB/Ace American Insurance Company for those students participating in study abroad, exchange, and faculty-led, course-related overseas programs. Please see the Overseas Information and Links below, and download the Insurance Card to take with you while traveling.Chubb Travel Accident and Sickness Plan Forms, Overseas Travel Card and Coverage Summary:

Note: Stetson does not provide personal property insurance for students while attending the University, nor for travelers while on a University-sponsored trip. Students and travelers are responsible for securing such insurance if they want to cover their valuable personal property (such as laptops, phones & other items). The URMIA Student Property Insurance can provide coverage to your personal property on campus and while abroad. To find out more, visit URMIA Student Property Insurance.