Dorm Rooms

Dorm Room Photos: The slideshow below depicts some dorm room options and floor plans; they do not guarantee specific availability or specific furnishings.

Dorm Rooms

IAQ and Healthy Living Conditions - Dorms (PDF)

Suggested and Prohibited Dormitory Items (PDF)

Dorm Fees Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

$3088 Per Semester - Standard Room

$3456 Per Semester - Premium Room

$500 Security Deposit Required

Dorm Fees Summer 2024

$1463 - Standard Room

$1586 - Premium Room

$500 Security Deposit Required

The dormitory rooms are located on the campus grounds surrounding the beautiful main courtyard area and are only a few short steps from the classroom building. The dorms are located in five different buildings and on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

The Stetson Law dorm rooms are designated as single occupancy spaces and are not co-ed spaces. If you reside in a campus dorm room, an occasional overnight guest(s) MAY be permitted with advance written notice to the Assistant Director of Residential Life. Permission must be requested and granted for each guest visit. The adjoining suite mate must also agree to this accommodation. Please review Over Night Guest(s) Policy located on the main web page. 

Additionally, in the five dorm rooms that have private bath spaces permission must be requested before an overnight guest can stay in the dorm room. In either situation the guest stay is limited to one overnight stay or a period of no more than 24 hours. Extra bedding requests such as cots will NOT be provided.

For visiting guest of those who reside in Stetson-owned houses and apartments, permission from the Office of Residential Life should still be requested in advance of the guest(s) visit.  Please review the Over Night Guest(s) Policy located on the main web page. 

Any guest(s) using the campus amenities such as the fitness center, swimming pool or the ball courts will need to be accompanied by the student, faculty or staff member at all times.

For guest(s) visiting for more than 24 hours, Stetson Law maintains a list of hotels in the area that offer discounts to Stetson students and their families. Visit Tampa Bay Hotels for more information.

The walls are made of plaster and we ask that no nail holes or other penetrations be made to the walls. Damage to walls could result in forfeiture of your security deposit. There is a fabric material on a designated wall in the room. Please use this surface when hanging or tacking things on the wall.

A duplex electrical outlet next to the bed has one side connected to a switch adjacent to the entry door. The other is not switched and would be used where continuous power is needed for a clock, radio, etc.

Under the bookshelf that is above the desk, there is a fluorescent task light for illuminating the surface of the desk. On the wall under the desk there is an outlet for a telephone.

The desk has a specially designed drawer for a computer keyboard and all shelving has a grommet for running wires vertically.

Each room has a ceiling fan and an overhead light, each of which is operated separately. These are on a motion sensor that automatically shuts the lights and fan off when the room is unoccupied. The motion sensor should be kept in the on position. The motion sensor device is located next to the front door.

There is a thermostat in each dorm room to control a comfortable setting for heating and cooling. Use the MODE button to change from heat to cooling mode, and wait for the control program to scroll before changing temperature settings. Use the up and down arrows on the thermostat to control the desired room temperature. The AUTO fan is part of the HVAC system and it will operate at all times, while in heat or in cooling mode.

With the exception of four rooms designed for students with special medical needs, all rooms share a bathroom with an adjoining room. There is a soap dish in the shower for each student and the vanity has several drawers to serve each student. A dead bolt lock is on the room side of each bathroom to secure each room individually. When you are not in the bathroom, you should keep this door locked. It is also considerate to knock before entering this shared facility.

While an attempt was made to standardize each room you will see subtle differences in layout and size. Placement into another specific dorm room may be requested in writing and may be accommodated on a first come first serve basis. Changes in room assignments are subject to a room change fee in addition to a possible increase of dormitory room fees if changing from a standard dorm to a premium dorm.


Each room is furnished with built-in furniture. Standard room furnishings include: Desk, bookcase, chair, dresser and ceiling fan. A queen size bed is provided.  However, if you prefer to bring your own bed, please notify [email protected] with this request. 

Most Premium rooms include: A queen size bed, desk, bookcase, chair, dresser, ceiling fan, love seat or a small sofa, coffee table, end table, dinette table with two chairs.  The windows are covered with vertical blinds. All rooms have central heat/air.  Other rooms priced as premium are our 4 ADA compliant rooms that offer a private bath.  However, these 4 premium rooms do not have all other amenities as noted above for a premium room. 

Most all dorm rooms are tiled.


Stereos, televisions, microwave ovens, small refrigerators, VCR's, hair dryers, clocks, iron and ironing board and personal computers are among the items permitted. The following types of appliances are NOT permitted: space heaters, wall unit AC systems, hanging string lights, hot plates, electric skillets, crock pots, fryers and any other cooking appliances. Cooking in dorm rooms is limited to that which can be accomplished in a microwave oven.


Telephone jacks are installed in each room. Establishing telephone service is the responsibility of the student. For service call Verizon at 1-800-483-4000. Telephone service can be ordered but cannot be installed until your arrival on campus.


Each dormitory room is cable ready. Establishing cable service is the responsibility of the student. Cable service cannot be established until your arrival on campus. For service call Spectrum at 1-855-222-0102.

INTERNET/WIRELESS NETWORK POLICY - All dorms have wired and wireless access to the internet, you must click Yes to accept the terms of use. If you would like to avoid this process, you can provide us with your name, dorm room number and “MAC Address” of your laptop or network device so we can exclude your device from this process. If you do not know how to get the MAC Address of your device, please call or visit us. You can reach the I.T. Helpdesk at [email protected] or 727-562-7323.

All Stetson dorms are outfitted with both wired and wireless access to the internet.

WIRED - Wired ports will give you access to our StetsonGuest network. You must purchase an Ethernet/rj45 network cable. These network cables are readily available at our bookstore.

WIRELESS - You will have access to the Student, eduroam and StetsonGuest wireless networks, here are the differences between them;

eduroam – Will allow you to use your wireless setup in other participating institutions, login using [email protected]

StetsonGuest – Least restricted, game PC/Consoles will be supported. Priority is given to our Student WiFi.

Student – Restricted, used for Academic Purposes only. No custom setup or game consoles supported in this network.

Please note: Due to the many issues that students experienced with the setup of their wireless network, we are no longer allowing students to bring their own router.   

The I.T. Department reserves the right to disable the network port in your dorm room in its continued effort to protect the network. 


An ice machine is located near the D dormitory buildings and vending and coffee machines are located in the Law Library. The Sidebar Café offers a variety of hot and cold food items.  The hours of operation for the Sidebar Café varies during the semesters in accordance with the academic calendar. In the on-campus Student Lounge, you will have access to a full-size refrigerator, stove and oven for your personal use. Some serving dishes and cookware are provided. There are also many restaurants and grocery stores in walking distance to campus and if you attend one of the many on-campus events, generally sponsored by a Student Organization, you can grab a FREE LUNCH or even sometimes dinner, on most weekdays Monday-Friday.  You must stay for the entire school sponsored event.  The student lounge area also houses the the Stetson Law Food Pantry and Sexual Health Resource Area, where some food items and other supplies are provided fro FREE for students in need. 


Each student is assigned a university mailbox with a combination lock. These mailboxes are located in the main lobby of the campus. This box number is your official Stetson United States mailing address and will be retained by you as long as you are a dormitory resident. Mail should be addressed as follows:

Stetson University College of Law
1401 61st Street South - Box #
St. Petersburg, Florida 33707

Do not include your room number. Your U.S. mail box number and the combination will be provided to you by the Office of Residential Life.

Upon moving out of the dorms, your U.S. mail can not be forwarded through the postal service. It is the students responsibility to contact all agents who send mail to your on-campus mailbox address and advise them independently of your new forwarding address.


Pets are strictly prohibited in the dormitory. Exceptions to this are limited to a service animal utilized by a disabled individual in accordance with Florida Statute 413.08 and Service Animals under ADA Guidelines per 75. Fed. Reg. 56164 and Section 504 and Fair Housing Act.


There are laundry facilities located in the corridor area beside the stairwell for dormitory building A. These are coin operated machines. Change is available from the Business Office during normal business hours. The laundry facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the courtesy of all dorm residents, please be sure to empty the dryer lent traps after each use and report any broken equipment to Facilities Management via the online work-order system on StetsonConnect.


Your room should remain locked at all times. We assume no risk of loss for your personal property. For the protection of your personal property, it is suggested that you purchase renters insurance. Brochures on this information may be obtained from the Office of Residential Life.


Each resident is responsible for providing his/her own pillow, bed linens, mattress pad, blankets, bath mats, area rug, towels, etc. Note: If you choose not to bring your own bed, a queen size bed will be provided.   You are permitted to bring your own microwave and mini-fridge to your dorm room. 

The following are suggested items that may be helpful as you prepare to move into the residence hall: Disposable dishes, alarm clock, iron and ironing board, waste basket, laundry basket, hangers, hair dryer, etc.

Absolutely no fire arms, weapons or other hazardous material are permitted in the dorm rooms.


These closets contain various cleaning supplies including a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop and mop bucket for use in your dorm room. Closets are located on the first of A building dorm and on the second and third floors of F building dorms. Keys to the closets are issued by the Office of Residential Life or the Office of Student Life. If after hours or on weekends, a key may be obtained from the Library Circulation Desk staff. You must leave your student ID with the person who issues you a key to the closet.


Absolutely no smoking is permitted. See Stetson's Smoking-Tobacco-Use-Policy Page.


If you require a repair to your room, please notify the Maintenance Department by submitting an online work request form which can be obtained on StetsonConnect at   Requests for emergency repairs needed during evening or weekend hours can be made through the Public Safety Department by calling 727-343-1262. Please do not report non-emergency repairs to Public Safety.

Phone: 727-562-7886

Fax: 727-347-9508

Email: [email protected]