Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life is happy to assist you in identifying the various housing opportunities available in our surrounding community.

The University owns several Auxiliary homes and the Rosa Apartment Complex which is within walking distance of the college. For more information regarding availability and estimated monthly rental rates for these homes or apartments, please contact the Office of Residential Life. If you wish to live on campus and would like more information about dormitory fees and availability, please see the Dorm Rooms page.

A waitlist exists for all housing units owned by Stetson. We accept names for the waitlists on an on-going "first come-first serve" basis. You must be accepted into the law school and have paid your confirmation fee before being placed on the waitlists. Should you have an interest in any of the above listed options, you should contact the Office of Residential Life at your earliest convenience. To be placed on the waitlist, you need to request and return, a Housing Request Form. Email to [email protected] to request this form.

The College of Law does accept some types of pets in the Rosa apartments and Stetson auxiliary houses. There is a non-refundable pet fee required. Please review the Guidelines for Animals on Campus-Gulfport.

Please be sure to review the Firearms and Weapons Policy located on the College of Law's website at

Dorm applicants are assigned in the order in which we receive their request. While assignments for placement into the Rosa apartments and auxiliary campus housing is based on the below priorities, a single person may still qualify for a house or an apartment.

First Priority: Married or single students with children living with them

Second Priority: Married couples

Third Priority: Active Military persons and Veterans

Fourth Priority: Single students who prefer to live alone, or roommates who are Stetson students with same graduation date

Single person applicants may be considered for a house or an apartment when the waitlist is exhausted of the above priority students.

The Office of Residential Life also maintains a public off-campus housing list. For a current list of rental opportunities in our area, not affiliated with Stetson, please check out the hard copy posting board located outside of the Business Office on the Gulfport Campus or email [email protected] to request an electronic copy. This pdf document is also available to review on Engage formerly known as HatterSync.

For instructions on how to post a listing, see the Housing Board Posting Guidelines Policy or email [email protected].

If you are interested in finding a roommate to share your space, the Office of Residential Life compiles a Roommates Wanted List. You can place your name on this list after you have paid your confirmation fee. To be placed on this list, simply email [email protected] to request the Roommate Request Permission Form. Once form is returned, you can submit a brief statement about yourself to [email protected]. By placing yourself on the list, you are giving the Office of Residential Life permission to provide your information to others requesting a copy of the Roommates Wanted List. We do not match roommates. It is your responsibility to contact the people on the list and to have your information removed from the list as needed. You may request a copy of the existing list by sending an email to [email protected]. You can not be placed on this list until you have been admitted to Stetson Law and have paid your confirmation fee. This list is provided to Stetson students only and is frequently updated.

The College of Law has an Overnight Guest(s) Policy.  This policy will pertain to all students who reside in Stetson College of Law dormitories, apartments, and houses.   

This policy is for the courtesy of all Stetson students and roommates; as well as for the safety of all that are residing in the community and in the Stetson owned housing spaces.  The policy can be found at

We understand how important the selection of housing is to you while you are attending law school, and want to assist in any way possible. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact the Office of Residential Life at [email protected].

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