Student Vehicle Registration Information

All students are required to register their vehicles with the Public Safety Department. In order to facilitate this process, we have provided you with online vehicle registration via myStetson.

Please familiarize yourself with campus parking regulations before completing your vehicle registration by reviewing the Vehicle Registration and Parking Policy (PDF)After completing your online registration, you will be assigned a parking decal(s).

New Students

All new students will receive their parking decals, together with their IDs, also provided by Public Safety, at Orientation. We strongly suggest that you make every effort to collect these items at your scheduled Orientation time. If you are unable to do so, you will need to email (Public Safety Gulfport in the global address list) to set an appointment to receive your items. No parking decals will be issued without prior completion of the vehicle registration process online.

New Part-Time Students

If you are a part time student, we make special arrangements for you if you are not available during business hours. The same procedures listed above apply to you. If you are unable to attend Orientation and email us accordingly, we can provide you the opportunity to pick up your items at either the Tampa or Gulfport campuses, upon request. These special arrangements will be handled during the email correspondence.

Returning Students and Part-Time Students

If you are a returning student or part-time student and meet the following criteria, you will not be required to obtain a new parking decal.

  • Your vehicle(s) is currently registered with Public Safety and has a parking decal affixed to the driver’s side exterior windshield.
  • You have not replaced your vehicle or made changes that are not reflected in your current vehicle registration, including receiving a new vehicle tag number. If you have the same vehicle but the tag number has changed, you will need to register the vehicle again reflecting that new information, but you will not be required to replace the decal.

If you do not have a current vehicle registration meeting the above criteria, you will have to register your vehicle and contact the Public Safety Department at (Public Safety Gulfport in the global address list) for further instructions when you have done so.

Directions for accessing and completing vehicle registration:

  1. Log into myStetson
  2. Click on Personal
  3. Click on Law School Vehicle Registration
  4. Complete all fields of information
  5. Click Submit Vehicle Registration
  6. Go to Public Safety office to collect parking decal(s)

Note: If any field is left blank the registration will not register in the system but you will not receive a prompt with this information after you enter “submit”.

All future changes to your vehicle(s) may be made in myStetson, followed by a visit to Public Safety for additional or replacement decals.