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Information Technology - Public Computers

The Office of Information Technology operates a computer lab and several public machines within the Dolly and Homer Hand Law Library and Tampa Law Center. These computers are equipped with DVD drives, USB ports, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2016 and more. They are also configured to print to the Stetson printers in the Law Library and Student Center.


  • Public machines are available for use any time during the Law Library's business hours, which can be found on the library web page for information, hours, and directory.
  • Computing resources are available to students with a valid Stetson ID card 24 hours a day on the Gulfport campus.

Computer Lab Policies

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your documents are not saved locally on a public computer, and that you have completely signed out of a public computer before leaving.
  • Lab hours may be modified at any time to accomodate classes and reservations.  Lab reservations are posted on the door daily. If you wish to book the computer lab for a meeting or training, please contact
  • The computer lab and public computers are an academic resource. We prohibit the installation of applications not installed by Information Technology.


Printers are located on the first, second and third floors of the Gulfport Law Library,  first floor of the Tampa Law Library, and the Student Center. Color printing is available on the third floor of the Gulfport Law Library.  The public machines are configured to print to these printers. Students pay $.05 per page for black and white printing, and $.10 per page for color.

If you are a visitor to Stetson and need assistance with printing or copying a document, please visit the Law Library Circulation Desk.

If you notice that the toner or paper is running low in a printer, please alert the Library Circulation Desk staff.


For assistance with the hardware in the computer lab or printers, please contact  You may also visit our office, which is located on the first floor of the Law Library.

To request the installation of specific software in the computer lab, please contact