Mobile Printer Configurations

The mobile print feature is supported for many apps, including email and browsers, and can be used on the both the Gulfport and Tampa campuses.

Mobile Print Configuration - Android

  1. Verify that you are connected to the Eduroam wireless network.
  2. Within the Google Play Store, search for and install Mobility Print by PaperCut Software (a free app).
  3. Open the application and follow the steps provided to configure the Mobility Print server.
  4. To print, open any supported application and select Print.
  5. Select the MobilePrint-StetsonLaw printer and enter your Stetson credentials when prompted.

Mobile Print Configuration - Apple iOS

  1. Verify that you are connected to the Eduroam wireless network.
  2. Open any supported app; select the Share icon and then select the Print icon.
  3. Select Printer, then select MobilePrint-StetsonLaw.
  4. Specify the print parameters, then print.