Laptop Minimum Requirements

The following recommendations are based on our ability to support Stetson-supplied software on your device (such as Microsoft 365 and Examplify.)

Manufacturer: You may purchase your laptop computer from the store or from the manufacturer of your choice. We recommend you choose a well-known and respected brand name from a reputable retailer. We recommend an extended warranty that provides coverage for the length of time you expect to be enrolled.

Operating System: The operating system (OS) requirement is Windows 11, or Apple Mac OS Monterey and above, (Chromebooks and Windows 11 S are not supported).

Processor: Any Intel i5/i9 processor or AMD processor (2 GHz or faster) is strongly recommended. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 is highly recommended.
Memory (RAM): 8 GB or more for Windows 11 and Mac operating systems. In general, more memory will provide a faster response from your laptop.

Hard Drive: A minimum of 250 GB for programs, documents, media, and spare storage. An SSD drive will make your computer run much faster.

Anti-Virus Software: We provide Microsoft Defender for Endpoint at no additional charge. It is compatible with all College of Law provided software and it is available to you once you register your laptop with Stetson during the Technology Orientation session. All student laptop computers must have an up-to-date, actively running antivirus program installed, and have a valid subscription for obtaining updates regularly. You may opt to use your own antivirus program, but I.T. will not be able to provide any support for it and you must make sure that it is compatible with Examplify.

The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to deny network access to any computer that does not meet this requirement.