Information Technology - ExamSoft

How do I register for ExamSoft?

Using Firefox or Chrome, visit the Stetson University College of Law ExamSoft page, and enter your Exam Taker ID (your 800#) and unique ExamSoft user password to login. These credentials would have been emailed to you around the beginning of the ExamSoft registration period.

At the top of the page, be sure that the Examplify tab is selected. Then, follow the steps on the left of the page to complete registration:

  1. Check Your Minimum System Requirements (expand PC Users or Mac Users to see requirements)
  2. Install & Register Examplify
  3. Setup Your Notifications

Launch Examplify, and confirm that you downloaded your current semester’s exams by verifying the exams listed on the left side of the Examplify window.  You may also seelct Exam History from the Home Menu. This will take you to your download and upload history for Examplify. Verify that you downloaded your current semester’s exams by checking the download date listed next to your exam(s).

I had to register with ExamSoft for a midterm exam; do I need to register again for final exams?

Since final exam templates are not available in Examplify during midterm exam registration, you MUST re-launch Examplify while connected to the internet to obtain your final exam templates every semester.

How do I know if I successfully registered, and have all the exam files I need?

If you find that your exam templates have not automatically downloaded:

  • Launch Examplify, select your exam from the list on the left of the window, and click Download Exam (please be sure you are connected to the internet.) 
  • If you still have questions or concerns, please refer to the support options information below.

Will Examplify work on my laptop?

If you plan on using Examplify for any exams, it is HIGHLY recommended that you DO NOT upgrade to a new operating system unless you have confirmed with the Office of Information Technology that the new OS is compatible with ExamSoft.

Please click on the appropriate icon below to find the ExamSoft laptop requirements for your operating system (Windows or Mac):

Windows 10 Logo Mac Logo

Please note that Stetson does not support Examplify on mobile devices (i.e. tablets) at this time.

You should also take at least one Mock Exam before your first exam.

How do I know if I should be using Examplify for my exam(s)?

Around the beginning of each exam registration period, the Registrar’s office will send out a Final Examination Chart via email, which will indicate whether an exam is using Examplify or not.  This chart is also available on the Registrar's Stetson Connect page.

What are Mock Exams?

Mock Exams allow you to verify that your laptop is compatible and configured properly for use with Examplify. By taking a Mock Exam, you also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the software features and functionality before taking your exams.  For additional information, please visit this article: Starting and Uploading your Mock Exam

I’m trying to begin my exam, but the password is not working … help!

When you launch Examplify, enter your 800# and unique ExamSoft user password to log in; this password uses your initials and the last six digits of your 800#. Please note that your unique ExamSoft user password will never be used to begin an exam.

If you are taking a scheduled exam on campus, you will be provided with your exam password in the exam room. Should you have difficulty with the password, please raise your hand, and the I.T staff member in the room will assist you.  Passwords are case-sensitive.

If you are taking a take-home exam, your exam password will be emailed to you by the Registrar’s office prior to your exam. Should you have difficulty with the password, or are unable to locate it, please email for assistance.  Passwords are case-sensitive.

I’m allowed to suspend my take-home exam; how do I do that?

When you are taking an exam, you may open the Exam Controls drop-down menu, and select Suspend Exam. This will allow you to suspend the exam for a time, and pick up where you left off later. Please, be careful not to click the Exit/Save option instead, as this will upload your exam file.

You may be required to enter a resume code; this would have been provided by the Registrar's office via email prior to the exam.

You may find additional information on suspending an exam here: Examplify - Suspending an Exam

What are my support options if I need help?

If you encounter issues with Examplify, visit the ExamSoft support page.

Additionally, you may contact ExamSoft in any of these ways:
- Phone: 866-429-8889 (24/7 support)
- Email:
- Live Chat: visit the ExamSoft support page and then select the Chat Now icon

The Stetson ExamSoft support team can be reached at, or you can contact I.T. for technical assistance at 727-562-7323.

Where can I learn more about Examplify?

The best place to learn more about Examplify is on the Taking an Exam site on which you can view demo videos, learn valuable exam taker tips, and also view your support options.

Good luck on your exams!