Employee Computer Systems

The Office of Information Technology provides a Dell Enterprise laptop to all employees, to allow access to their files when working remotely. 

The system model is driven by the needs of the College of Law and establishing a standard across all users. We aim to provide the following specifications as a baseline for all computers:

  • Intel i7 CPU
  • 256GB SSD Drive
  • 16GB RAM

We provide Dell Enterprise models to improve reliability, security and support.  Enterprise computers have a lower failure rate when compared to consumer computers. These are typically ordered with three or four-year Pro Service and Support from Dell. We also standardize the laptop models to improve support by introducing familiarity with the systems.  Additionally, this allows us to carry additional inventory for unexpected accidents. All our systems are ordered with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to allow for seamless encryption of your data. We are not just concerned with Stetson information, your personal and private information is just as important.

Here is a short list of how we manage our systems:

  • Windows updates are maintained and updated on a weekly basis.
  • All systems are scanned for malware and viruses twice a week.
  • Because systems are joined to Microsoft 365, services such as Intune, Microsoft Office installation, and activations are automatic.
  • Wireless setups are pre-configured in our computers and work at all of our campus locations.
  • Advanced Threat Protection antivirus is activated by default, offering cloud-based AI (artificial intelligence) protection.
  • Drive encryption is enabled by default on laptops for greater security.
  • Software installed on our computers will alert IT if they are running out of disk space, need critical updates and more; it will even update important software like Zoom and Adobe products automatically. This can all be done while on campus or when you are remote.

Best of all, Stetson-issued computers are fully supported - we take care of it all!