About Banner

What is Banner?

Banner is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed specifically for higher education. Essentially, it is the database where the University's data is stored. This includes student and staff records, finance information, and more. If you are a staff member that uses Banner, it can be accessed through myStetson. If you have a question about your Banner access, please contact [email protected].

Ellucian Customer Center - If you are a Banner user and have questions, this is a fantastic resource. It provides access to current open cases, helpful links, Ellucian News, and more.

Once you have access to the Ellucian Customer Center, you will also be able to access on-demand Banner Overview and Navigation training.

Navigate Banner 9 - General information on navigating within Banner 9.

Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts - This quick reference guide can help you work more efficiently in Banner.

Banner Page Name Conventions - Information to help understand which Banner system, module, and application a page belong to.


Argos is a reporting tool that allows users to view reports based on the Banner system and other sources of information, such as DegreeWorks. If the data is in Banner, an Argos report can be built and customized to view it! In fact, there are hundreds of pre-defined reports already available in Argos. The reports pull real-time data, so they always reflect the most accurate and current information. Banner access is not required for you to have Argos access. For assistance with Argos access and reports, please email [email protected].

You may also access on-demand Argos training via the Evisions website.

Banner Document Management (BDM)

BDM allows documents to be scanned and digitized, and easily accessed and managed through BDM and Banner. It allows the reduction of paper files, greater productivity, and easier collaboration between departments. Banner access is not required for you to have BDM access. For assistance with BDM access and setup, email [email protected].