New York Bar Pro Bono Requirement

The state of New York requires all applicants for admission to the New York bar to perform 50-hours of law-related pro bono service. The requirement does not need to be completed before you sit for the bar exam, but you must provide proof of compliance prior to filing an application for admission. New York is currently the only state bar with a pro bono requirement for bar applicants. 


Qualifying Pro Bono 

The New York bar's definition of pro bono differs from that of Stetson University College of Law. Because Stetson is not the administrator of the New York bar's pro bono requirement, we cannot officially verify whether students' pro bono activities will count toward the requirement.

To find out whether your pro bono work will qualify, we recommend you review the New York Pro Bono Bar Admission Requirements website.The FAQs available on the website explain what types of activities qualify, where the pro bono work can be performed, and what documents must be included in your admission application to demonstrate compliance. If you still have questions after reviewing the website, email the Advisory Committee on New York State Pro Bono Bar Admission Requirements directly at [email protected]


Affidavit of Compliance

To demonstrate compliance with the requirement, you must submit a Form Affidavit of Compliance for each qualifying pro bono project. The Affidavit of Compliance can be accessed on the New York Pro Bono Bar Admission Requirements website. It is recommended that Affidavits be completed soon after the qualifying project is completed, as it can be difficult to track down a supervisor or required information after graduation. Please note that the Affidavit(s) must be completed by the project's supervising attorney or faculty member. Neither the Staff of the Law School's Pro Bono Program nor the Registrar's Office can sign these affidavits.