The Membership Process

Candidate Selection

(a) Students interested in Review membership must complete a multi-phase application process. Those students actively pursuing Review membership will be considered “Candidates.”

(b) Candidates are encouraged to attend (synchronously or in-person) an interest meeting which outlines the purpose of the Review, defines the goals of the Review, and outlines the roles and expectations of Review members. The interest meeting must be held within the first ten (10) weeks of any Semester and be recorded and available for no less than seven (7) days online. If holding an interest meeting is not possible or impracticable in any Semester, Candidates will be required to submit a letter of interest that outlines the Candidate’s interest in business law, what experience and knowledge they may bring to the Review, and what they hope to gain from the Review experience. This process as described in this subsection is not anonymous.

(c) In no more than twenty-one (21) days following the initial interest meeting, or interest letter deadline, as described under Section 5.2(b), Candidates that indicate interest in Review membership must attend a meeting which outlines the competition procedures for admission to the Review. The competition meeting must be recorded and available for no less than three (3) days online. Students that do not attend the initial interest meeting described in Section 5.2(b) are not precluded from the membership competition.

(d) The membership competition for admission to the Review is comprised of three parts, submitted contemporaneously to [email protected] or to a Stetson University online platform of Editorial Board preference: 2 (i) Candidates must sign an Honor Statement indicating that they attended, live or asynchronously, the competition meeting as outlined in Section 5.2(c), and pledge that all requirements under Section 5.1 are fulfilled. (ii) Candidates must submit a resume that includes, inter alia, expected graduation year and current GPA. (iii) Candidates must complete a graded document review and revision exercise.