Social Justice Advocacy Certificate of Concentration

Serve the causes you care about with confidence.

Law school students who pursue a Social Justice Advocacy Certificate of Concentration share a unique passion for equality in society and a drive to stand up for those who need advocacy the most. Stetson Law is where you need to be if advocacy is your passion.

The certificate of concentration in Social Justice Advocacy is intended for a select group of students who aspire to use their legal advocacy skills to address social justice issues. If you feel strongly compelled to serve the public as well as specific groups like children, families and marginalized populations, this certificate of concentration will give you the knowledge and job skills you need to make a difference.

Certificate Requirements

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Advocacy Experts

Stetson Law leverages its strong Advocacy core to prepare students to serve in the causes that matter to them. The concentration program is intended to prepare students to deal directly with significant social justice issues in civil or criminal law..

Center for Excellence in Advocacy

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