Municipal and Administrative Externship

Credit Hours: 4
Overseeing Professor: Paul Boudreaux

About The Program

Students will perform duties for various municipal offices such as code enforcement, housing, and property management. Typical duties will include: conducting research into property ownership, compliance status, and the interrelation of municipal codes with state and federal law; attaching liens; and performing comparative studies on housing development patterns. Many duties can be performed remotely. Consequently, this program may be well-suited for part-time students. The classroom component of this externship occurs approximately every three weeks and is generally scheduled on Thursdays. There will be an initial meeting which will be set by the supervising professor.

Placement Locations

  • City and county attorneys' offices in Tampa Bay, Pinellas County, Clearwater, and with the St. Petersburg Police Department

Program Requirements

  • 128 hours per semester
  • Classroom component
  • 40 pages of research generated writing