Life Passage Projects

The Life Passage Projects begins the conversation of what should the next generation of Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNTs) plan to be in meeting the needs of beneficiaries and the goals of families in the next decade.

The Life Passage Project is funded by Smith Family Trust. The project has several components, including short educational videos for beneficiaries and their families as well as the development of an aspirational guide to best practices for PSNT. The videos on this page are intended to be educational but are not intended to be relied on as a statement of the law or as legal advice. Individuals seeking legal advice or information about their rights should contact an attorney.

We greatly appreciate the support of The Smith Family Trust in beginning this conversation and making this site possible to you as a resource.

Best Practices Guide

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For permission to make changes to the Best Practices Guide, please send an email to [email protected]

Videos & Acknowledgment

We have created a series a short videos for beneficiaries and family members. You may use and host these videos on your website as long as you agree to acknowledge the Life Passages Planning Project and the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust.

If you would like to add these videos to your website, please send an email to [email protected].

Independent Living Services and Supportive Living Services

Spending funds


Able Accounts

Funds in trust

Creating an Able Account

Why trustee says no

What parents want the trustee to know

Trustee refuses

Leftover money in the trust when beneficiary passes