Eleazer Courtroom

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About the Eleazer Courtroom

The Eleazer Courtroom is the first courtroom in the nation designed specifically with the needs of elderly people in mind, and it serves as a national model for improving courtroom access.

The courtroom is designed to provide access to people who are elderly or who have disabilities. The elder-friendly facility offers the latest in technology, including electronic evidence displays, cameras, microphones and speakers for observing court participants and jury deliberations.

The courtroom was dedicated in honor of Professor William R. Eleazer on Sept. 16, 2005. For 20 years, William R. Eleazer inspired and led a generation of trial lawyers and through his tireless efforts made Stetson the powerhouse in law school advocacy education that it is today.

Features include:

  • Carpeting designed to give visual clues for those with visual impairments -- a border along the edge in a color different from the carpet, with diamond insets marking each row to give a visual clue regarding seats
  • Rounded corners on all tables and desks
  • Sturdy chairs with locking wheels and firm arms
  • Easily accessible witness box at floor level with no steps
  • Ramp to judge's bench inside judge's chambers, so judge in wheelchair can ascend bench without being observed
  • Podium that is electronically height-adjustable, with electronic side shelves or wings for those in a wheelchair and with limited upper body mobility
  • Use of technology to enhance accessibility of participants -- including flat panels in gallery and hearing amplification devices
  • Non-glare, non-buzz lighting
  • Color picked to enhance vision of elders
  • Courtroom participants are able to move about the courtroom without highlighting physical limitations

"This is the only courtroom in the country designed specifically with the needs of elderly parties in mind. Everyone deserves to have as much physical access to the courts as possible. This courtroom will serve as a model for courts building or remodeling their courtrooms. With this courtroom, we show how to design a courtroom in such a way as to provide maximum access to elders and people with disabilities. We are very excited about the opportunities presented by such a courtroom."

Rebecca Morgan

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