Foster an “every moment counts” culture.

  1. Sustain a collaborative and supportive environment where faculty, staff, and students respectfully interact to create a richer educational and professional experience.
  2. Provide every student with the opportunity to have faculty mentors.
  3. Increase student engagement throughout the law school experience.
  4. Use technological advances, one-on-one counseling, faculty and alumni involvement, and networking opportunities to provide every student with ready access to up-to-date information for making wise educational and career choices.
  5. Encourage faculty to collaborate across all subject matter areas to teach, create knowledge, and engage in service that adds value to the Stetson Law experience for students, alumni, peer groups, and the public.
  6. Continually evaluate whether the size of the student body, faculty, and staff; the nature of campus programming; and the allocation of financial and other resources are consistent with sustaining the Stetson Law culture.