Stetson Law's Hall of Fame honors the dedication and contributions of alumni, faculty, and friends.

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  • Stetson University College of Law's Hall of Fame will be used to honor outstanding individuals associated with the College of Law and to promote the achievements of those individuals.

Steering Committee

  • Hall of Fame members will be selected by a steering committee comprised of alumni, faculty members, and staff, which will be appointed annually by the College of Law Dean.
  • Members of the steering committee may serve for multiple years.
  • In the event that a person identified cannot serve in a given year, the Dean shall appoint a replacement from the same constituency group.


To be selected for the Hall of Fame, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate must have reached and remained at the pinnacle of his or her field for a period of time sufficient to demonstrate perseverance and maturation and/or must have effected a profound positive influence on the College of Law in the years since his or her graduation.
  • Evidence that the articulated criteria have been met may come from detailed information about the candidate's credentials, achievements, the impact and implications of those accomplishments, public awards, and honors, and outside sources such as published articles and previously aired video or audio tapes.
  • Beyond the criteria noted here, the steering committee has the responsibility and discretionary power to make determinations from the pool of nominations submitted.
  • The steering committee has the right to supplement the pool of nominees with qualified individuals.


  • Hall of Fame nominees may be living or deceased.
  • An alumnus may not be considered for Hall of Fame membership until 15 years after he or she received an LL.B., J.D., or LL.M. degree from Stetson. If a person holds multiple degrees from the College of Law, the date of the earlier degree will control for purposes of determining eligibility.
  • An individual who has a clear affinity with or connection to the College of Law, but who is not an alumnus, may be considered. Professors considered for nomination under this category typically should have taught at the College of Law for at least 15 years.
  • Members of the steering committee may not be selected for induction during their tenure on the committee.

Nomination Procedures

  • A call for nominations shall be placed on the alumni page of the College of Law website as well as in direct communication to alumni via mail or email.
  • A standard form will be created for nominations. The nomination form will be available on the Stetson University College of Law website. Letters of nomination and other materials also may be accepted if they contain information necessary to evaluate the candidate.
  • Any person may nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

Selection Process

  • The committee shall select inductees by ranking nominees. Any candidate selected for induction must receive a majority of votes from the steering committee.
  • The committee may choose to refer nominees not selected in one year to the following year's committee.
  • All nominations will be kept on file for five years.
  • The steering committee should attempt to meet as a group in person, but may select inductees in any other matter, so long as the selections are deliberate and well-considered.


  • Inductees will be honored at a College of Law event. In addition, a plaque or area at the College of Law will be designated to honor the inductees.
  • Inductees also will be featured on the College of Law's website and in the Stetson Lawyer.
  • Inductees will be given a plaque or other appropriate item to memorialize their induction.