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Strengths at Stetson

Stetson is Strengths Focused

Stetson University is committed to the development of our students. At our institution we are dedicated to the development of the whole person: A person committed to engaging and building life-long connections with the larger world through personal growth, intellectual development and global citizenship. In fostering personal growth, we are focused on celebrating and supporting the Strengths of students throughout their time at Stetson University. In this support, we have joined hundreds of other institutions and thousands of national/international corporations in utilizing CliftonStrengths to support the growth of individuals within our institution. 

CliftonStrengths is an online talent assessment to support:

  • The discovery of what you naturally do best
  • Learning how to develop your greatest talents
  • The use of your customized results to live your best life

CliftonStrengths is a unique opportunity to explore your personal talents, because of the variety of talents. There are 34 different talents and from this assessment, you will learn your top five talents. The likelihood of someone having the same 5 talents as you is a one-in-278,256 chance because of the number of combinations possible. This truly allows you to receive results unique and descriptive of you. 

In fall 2018, all incoming first-year students at Stetson University were asked to take the CliftonStrengths assessment to dive into their personal development from day one. But that is only the beginning of the Strengths journey because developing your talents is not just about knowing your talents, but about exploration and growth.

Throughout this year, we are offering a number of opportunities for students, faculty and staff to explore Strengths. Learn about the many opportunities available to dive into personal growth through Strengths today!

Explore our New Strengths Resource Website

<Recently, we have made a lot of updates to this website to allow you to learn a lot more about your Strengths on the following topics:

Explore these topics in the menu on this website and you will learn tips specific to your Strengths. These skills are valuable to help you start applying your Strengths in your everyday life, so start reflecting on this feedback and consider scheduling a Strengths coaching session to talk more about this!

What is Strengths Summit?

Join us each fall in September for our online virtual conference, Strengths Summit! Strengths Summit is a great opportunity to explore Strengths at your own pace throughout the month of September. Through the many resources and presentations provided, you can put your Strengths into action this fall. Registration for Strengths Summit will open in April 2021.

What is CliftonStrengths?

CliftonStrengths is an internationally used talent assessment to support individuals in discovering their talents and ways to transform them into their Strengths. CliftonStrengths is a 30-minute online assessment that is composed of 177 questions to gauge the natural interests and skills of people. The strengths movement began in 2001 when Gallup introduced the world to the original CliftonStrengths assessment in Now, Discover Your Strengths. This book was authored by Don Clifton, who was then the chairmen of Gallup and a highly honored by the American Psychological Association for his assessment.

The reason that this assessment is continued to be used internationally is because focusing on Strengths can transform individuals and organizations. Research shows that people who know and use their strengths every day are more likely to experience positive emotions (energetic, well-rested, happy, respected) and less likely to experience negative ones (stress, worry, anger, sadness). 

How do I take the Strengths Assessment?

As an incoming student at Stetson University, you will receive access to take the assessment prior to FOCUS orientation. This is an opportunity to dive into understanding yourself and an opportunity for development that will impact you throughout your time at Stetson. 

For current faculty, staff and students that have not taken Strengths, but are interested in doing so, reach out to Lizzie Dement, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, at [email protected] to learn about ways to gain access to the assessment. 

What are some opportunities to learn more about Strengths?

While you are at Stetson University, there are a variety of opportunities to explore your Strengths through student leadership roles, jobs on campus, courses, and other engagement opportunities. We also offer a variety of Strengths focused learning opportunities to explore your Strengths. For students, faculty and staff, consider attending one of our Strengths programs this year:

  • Strengths Coaching is an opportunity to explore your Strengths one on one with another individual at Stetson University to help you in owning and applying your talents to become true Strengths. 

What is a Strengths Advocate?

Stetson Strength Advocates support Stetson University's journey to become a strengths-based university where all are encouraged to be their best self by supporting them to do what they do best every day. Advocates work to ensure that every Stetson University student and employee is confident in their strengths and supported to apply them to gain academic, social, professional, and personal success.

Role of a Stetson Strengths Advocate:

  • Support students, faculty and staff throughout their personal Strengths journey
  • Assist their areas in the implementation and exploration of strengths-based development
  • Challenge their teams to harness and apply their strengths as a team
  • Continue to personally explore their Strengths in new ways and serve as a mentor for others interested in exploring their Strengths

Requirements to become a Strengths Advocate:

What is a Strength vs a talent?

When you take the Strengths Assessment, you find out your top 5 talents. These are areas that you are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied. A strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity. It is possible to progress a talent toward becoming a strength by utilizing time to practice, develop skills and build a knowledge base. It is our responsibility to support the talents of our community to be developed so we can strengthen the work of our student, faculty and staff.