If you are in danger or feel threatened, call 911 or contact Public Safety

Gulfport Campus and Tampa Law Center: 727-343-1262

The Office of Public Safety strives to teach the campus community how to best protect themselves and their property. Students and employees must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common-sense precautions, including:

  • Do not prop open or unlock exterior doors to the residential buildings. It only takes seconds for an intruder to enter through a propped door.
  • Lock the door to your residence hall room/office, even when leaving for a short time.
  • Park your vehicle in your assigned area and keep it locked. Keep valuables out of sight or lock them in the trunk.

At Stetson University, safety is a primary consideration in the maintenance, groundskeeping and lighting of the campus. We report all safety and security hazards to the Office of Facilities Management.