Emergency Call Boxes

There are 13 emergency call boxes, located as follows:

Gulfport locations:

  • North Library Parking Lot
  • South Library Parking Lot
  • Main Parking Lot
  • New Main Parking Lot
  • 13th Ave. Parking Lot
  • Main Lobby
  • Banyan Courtyard
  • Weight Room / Pool Facility
  • On Campus Laundry Facility
  • Classroom Building – 2nd Floor Hallway
  • Public Safety Office
  • Rosa Apartments laundry facility, Rosa Apartments (Gulfport)

Tampa location:
West entry (near the Smith Courtroom), Tampa Law Center
These call boxes connect to the officer's hand-held radios. All units activate when the door is opened and a loud noise will sound. Follow the instructions posted inside the box. Only one person may speak at a time while using this system.