Contact Information

Stetson University

  • Thomas Oliver
    Office Manager-School of Business Administration/VA Liaison
    Lynn Business Center 525

Military Branch Contact Information

  • Education Programs Chair
    American Legion National Headquarters
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46206
    (or contact your local chapter)
  • Amvets
    Attn: Scholarships
    4647 Forbes Boulevard
    Lanham, Maryland 20706
    Phone: 301-459-9600
  • Armed Forces Benefit Association
    909 North Washington Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314
    Phone: 800-776-2322
  • The Army Emergency Relief Foundation National Headquarters
    Department of the Army
    Phone: 703-960-3982
  • Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    Phone: 800-292-7777
    Fax: 609-452-2259
  • U.S. Air Force Aid Society National Headquarters
    Education Assistance Department
    1745 Jefferson Dan's Highway, room 2002
    Arlington, Virginia 22202
    Phone: 703-607-3072 ext. 51 or contact your nearest base family support center
  • U.S. Coast Guard
    Search for "scholarships" on the website.
  • Veterans' Education Customer Service
    Phone: 800-827-1000