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Course Materials - Spain

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Week 1 - Foundations of Nationalism, Globalism, and Human Rights, Timothy Floyd, Mercer


Course Materials

Week 2 - Political Movements in Tax, Kristin Gutting, Charleston


Day 1
BBC's Panama Papers Podcast
Paradise Papers: Everything You Need to Know About the Leak
19 Months After Panama Papers, Weeks After Paradise Papers, No Consequences in Nigeria
Probe Ordered in Paradise Paper
Global Tax Enforcement in 2016: What You Need To Know
Tax Battles

Day 2
FATCA on IRS Website
FATCA on U.S. Department of State Website
IRS FBAR Reference Guide
IRS to end offshore voluntary disclosure program: Taxpayers with undisclosed foreign assets urged to come forward now
IRS's Various Options Available for U.S. Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Financial Assets

Day 3
OECD Common Reporting Standards

Day 4
AEAT Website
Soccer Star Lionel Messi Found Guilty of Tax Evasion, Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison
Explaining Messi's suspended jail sentence, tax fraud implications
Cristiano Ronaldo appears in Spanish court over alleged €14.7M tax evasion
IRS Criminal Ivnestiagions Unit Aims Team at Global Tax Crimes
New IRS Criminal Investigation Chief: Five Areas of Focus

Week 3 - The Internet, the Law, and Populist Uprisings, Catherine Cameron, Stetson


Day 1
Freedom on the Net, Freedom House

Day 2
Digtial Tahrir Square: An Analysis of Human Rioghts and the Internet Examined Through the Lens of the Egyptian Arab Spring
Icelanders overthrow top power holders responsible for economic crisis (Kitchenware Revolution)
Crowdsourcing Democracy: the case of Icelandic social constitutionalism

Day 3
The 15-M Movement and teh new media: A case study of how new themes were introduced into Spanish political discourse
The Criminalization of 15-M and Social Movements in Spain
United against Spain's Gag Laws: change bottom-up
From a single hashtag, a protest circled the world
Officials Cast Wide Net in Monitoring Occupy Protests

Day 4
The Student Lawyer, Negotiations: An Overview

Week 4 - Social Movements and the Law and Technology of Free Speech and Government Surveillance, Marc Blitz, OCU


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Day 2 Readings

Day 3 Readings

Day 4 Readings