What is a distribution group?

A distribution group is a collection of email addresses that you can use to email a group all at once, instead of individually. You may have also heard them referred to as listservs or distribution lists.

Cool! Can I create my own?

Yes! View a brief Atomic Learning tutorial to learn how to create a contact group within Outlook 2016.

What about class distribution groups?

Each semester, distribution groups are created for each class after the add/drop period has ended.  If you have a question about a class distribution group and the add/drop period has ended, please contact it@law.stetson.edu.

Who manages the distribution groups for student organizations?

The office of Student Affairs manages student organization distribution groups.  Please contact jkelly2@law.stetson.edu for immediate assistance with modifying these distribution groups.  Or, contact I.T. for technical assistance at it@law.stetson.edu.