Stetson University

Kelly M. Feeley - Publications


Professor of Legal Skills

B.S., Florida State University
J.D., Stetson University

Interviewing and Counseling, Research and Writing I and II


Hiring Sexters to Teach Children: Creating Predictable and Flexible Standards for Negligent Hiring in Schools, ___ N.M. L. Rev. ___ (2012) (forthcoming).

Hear a Song-Write a Wrong: Poor Grammar in Song Lyrics: An Old and New Enemy to Clear and Succinct Legal Writing, Scrivener (Newsltr. of SCRIBES) 4 (Summer 2008).

Yes, You Will Really Use Algebra When You Grow Up: Providing Law Students with Proof That Legal Research and Writing Is Essential in the Real World, 10 Persps. 105 (Spring 2002) (co-author Professor Stephanie A. Vaughan).

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