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Strategic Direction One

Strategic Direction #1: The College of Law should continue and expand its efforts to enhance its national and international reputation.

A. The College should continue to recruit, enroll, and retain a higher caliber and more diverse student body.

Rickisha Singletary TN MILESTONE: New Full-Tuition Public Service Scholarship

B. The College should continue to ensure that the Office of Career Development has the financial and human resources to engage in student development that focuses upon student skills relative to career searches, widens student awareness of career opportunities beyond the Tampa Bay area, and enhances the student's own career planning efforts.

Jobs MILESTONE: New Alumni Career Development Resources

london_internship_tn MILESTONE: Internships in Argentina

C. The College should continue to consider its website to be a strategic resource and should make the best possible use of the web in admissions, development, alumni relations, career development, student services, continuing legal education and communications.

D. The College should evaluate its curriculum to ensure that course offerings and graduation requirements reflect the Mission, Vision, and Values of a Stetson education.

books_faculty MILESTONE: October 2009 Curriculum Retreat by Law Faculty

travel_abroad MILESTONE: New Study-Abroad Program in Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland

E. The College should continue to use and build upon its strengths in established academic areas to enhance its national reputation.

faculty_books_image MILESTONE: New books on advocacy, higher education law and elder law by Professors Rose, Lake and Morgan

pretrial_image MILESTONE: National Pretrial Competition at Stetson, entering its third year

elder_law_image MILESTONE: Continuing success of LL.M. in Elder Law program

national_conference_photo MILESTONE: National Conference in Law and Higher Education

wildlife_photo MILESTONE: 13th International Wildlife Law Conference to be hosted at Stetson

F. The College should continue to increase the quality and quantity of faculty scholarship, and should increase the exposure of that scholarship.

rose_tn MILESTONE: Stetson Creates Professorship for Excellence in Trial Advocacy

faculty_books_image MILESTONE: Stetson SSRN Site

faculty_lunch_photo MILESTONE: Annual Faculty Scholarship Lunch

faculty_books_image MILESTONE: Faculty Books Available at Bookstore

LCIAD_class_photo MILESTONE: Scholarship Workshops for Second-Year Law Students at Legal Community in Action Day

G. The College should continue to support faculty (and administrative) engagement in the regional, national, and international academic and bar communities and relevant professional associations.

nagle_tn MILESTONE: Nagle Appointed to International Bar Association Council

faculty_presentation MILESTONE: Recent Faculty Presentations

H. The College should continue to increase its commitment to the profession and the community, both locally and beyond, to increase its national reputation as well as to fulfill its responsibility to make a difference in the world.

human_rights_tn MILESTONE: Class Participates in Human Rights Teach-In

dean_signs_memorandum MILESTONE: Stetson Law Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with International Group to Help Protect Wetlands

homeless_tn MILESTONE: Students Help Pinellas Project Homeless Connect

gavel_photo MILESTONE: Recent Community Activities: Professors Beane, Boudreaux, Kaye and Nagle

LCIAD_volunteer_photo MILESTONE: First-Year Law Student Pro Bono Service During Legal Community in Action Day

tiffany_colbert_photo MILESTONE: Tiffany Colbert Elected ABA Law Student Division Fifth Circuit Governor

birds_photo MILESTONE: University Recognized by National Wildlife Federation

I. The College should ensure that the Library remains a vital part of the College and has resources to continue to expand and improve in a manner that enhances student learning and faculty scholarship.

gavel_photo MILESTONE: October NCSTL Conference for Judges Hosted at Stetson

librarians_photo MILESTONE: Embedded Librarian Program

J. The College should continue to focus on its role within the University as a whole and should continue to strengthen its relationship with other schools and colleges within the University.

K. The College should ensure that its alumni community becomes and remains an integral part of life at the College of Law.

gavel_photo MILESTONE: Alumni Advocacy Coaches; Active Stetson Lawyers Association Advisory Council

L. The College should review all existing academic programs to ensure that they remain consistent with achieving its strategic goals. When undertaking new programs or other initiatives, the College should consider whether such a new program or initiative is consistent with achieving its strategic goals.

M. The College should review and update its list of Peer, Competitor, and Aspirational Schools from the 2004-2005 Strategic Plan to assist the College in future Strategic Planning.

To read more details, please see the complete 2009 Strategic Plan (PDF).

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