Textbook Information

Textbook information for classes is made available to students as soon as is reasonably practicable once it is known. To view any required or suggested books or materials for your classes, please follow these steps:

1. Login to Banner Web using your student ID (800#) and pin number (the pin is your six-digit birth date until you change it after first login)

2. Click on Student Services

3. Click on Registration

4. Click on Stetson Student Schedule and then Select a Term by clicking the down arrow on the drop-down box and then click Submit

5. Click on the grey box entitled Purchase Books at the Book Store. This will take you directly to the books you need for each course.

Students can also view book information through Look-up Classes.

1. Click on the drop-down box for the term you want and then click Submit

2. Click the Class Search button and it will pull up the entire schedule

3. Click on the CRN of the course

4. Click on Textbook Info at bottom of page and this will show you the book(s) for the course

Students can also go directly to the Bookstore website. Once there, select Books and click on Textbooks and Course Materials. Once on that page, take the following steps:

1. Select Your Program (leave as "All")

2. Select Your Term (select the term you want by clicking on the drop-down arrow)

3. Select Your Department (leave as "Law")

4. Select Your Course (select the Course number you want by clicking on the drop-down arrow; Course numbers are listed on the semester schedule posted on the Registrar's intranet page)

5. Select Your Section (select the Section you want by clicking on the drop-down arrow)

6. Click Submit