Activities Recognized at Graduation Events

Please take the time to verify that your activities are correct before attending the Grad Fair.

To review this information in myStetson, select: My Academics, Law School Student Activity.

  • American Bar Association Law Student Division/Circuit or National Positions1
  • Student Bar Association Executive Board Officers1
  • Student Bar Association Committee Chairs1
  • Student Bar Association Class Representatives1
  • Student Bar Association Summer Advisory Council1
  • Student Organization Presidents1
  • Stetson Ambassadors1
  • Chief Ambassadors1
  • Deputy Chief Ambassadors1
  • Leadership Development Committee Members1

If you find any discrepancies or missing activities for the above, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at

In addition, the following activities are recognized; however, they are not located on the activity page of myStetson. All additional activities can be viewed on your myStetson Academic Transcript, except for Leadership Development Certificate and William Blews. The Certificate of Concentration and Public Service Fellows information is not currently available in myStetson; however, this information will be available at the Grad Fair.

  • ADR Board2
  • Honors Program2
  • JD/MBA Program2
  • Journal of Advocacy and the Law2
  • Journal of Comparative and International Aging Law & Policy2
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy2
  • Law Review2
  • Mock Trial Board (Trial Team Member)2
  • Moot Court Board2
  • Leadership Development Certificate Recipients (15 credits)1
    (View on myStetson within My Academics, Law School Student Activity)
  • William Blews Award Recipients (double graduation requirement)1
    (View on myStetson within My Academics, Law School Student Activity)
  • Certificate of Concentration Candidates3
  • Public Service Fellows2

If you find any discrepancies, please contact the Office of the Registrar at

1Activity recognized at Graduation Brunch 
2Activity recognized at Honors & Awards
3Activity recognized at Commencement