Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response Training

Colleges across the country have been focused in recent years on preparing for various emergencies and disasters. One such effort at Stetson University College of Law is directed at preparing faculty, staff, and students about what they might do if an armed attacker came to campus. For this situation, Stetson Law has established lockdown procedures, which are available at Emergency Preparedness. In addition, faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to register their cell phone numbers with the Stetson Law emergency communications messaging system. This can be done by enrolling in the Emergency Text Notification System

The Student Life Mental Health-Wellness page lists contact information for students seeking help. Concerns involving employees should be reported to Human Resources. In an emergency, call 911. At any time, you can also contact Public Safety for assistance as well. The 24-hour number for the Public Safety Department in Gulfport is 727-343-1262. The Public Safety Department's 24-hour Tampa campus number is 727-420-8868.

Each video lasts about 20 minutes. Please take the time to review these important programs. NOTE: This is a licensed program accessible only by faculty, staff, and students of Stetson University College of Law. You will need your Intranet log in information to view the programs.

» Watch Safety Videos (Intranet Login Required)

Faculty and Staff:

In addition to this training program, we also have a similar program directed specifically at workplace shooters, titled Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes. This program is shown during staff new hire orientation. You also can arrange for an individual or departmental viewing by emailing the Public Safety Department at [email protected].

When an announcement is made to initiate an emergency lockdown, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Leave the area, or the campus, if it is possible to do so safely. When running, use a zig-zag pattern, instead of running in a straight line.
  2. If unable to leave, proceed to an area that can be secured.
  3. Call 911, if able to do so safely. Don't assume others have or will call. If you are near an emergency call box, open it, and follow the instructions for use. But do not pull the fire alarm. Please note that phones in the main classrooms have to speed-dial buttons for 911.
  4. Lock all doors into the area. If it is not possible to lock the doors, place furniture and equipment in front of them to barricade them. Some doors open out into the corridor. In this situation, use whatever means possible to try to restrict entry to the room, including placing furniture and equipment in front of the door or using a belt or other item to tie the door handle to something stable.
  5. Move to the point in the room that is most distant from a door entering the room from the outside or from a corridor/hallway. Do not huddle, but spread out.
  6. Close blinds and drapes for concealment.
  7. Turn off the lights. Put cell phones on vibrate, and if communication is needed, use text messaging only.
  8. Remain under lockdown until advised by Stetson Public Safety, senior administration, or Law Enforcement Personnel that the crisis has been resolved.
  9. After the lockdown order has been lifted, faculty and staff should then attempt to restore normalcy and comfort/assist the room occupants.
  10. If an assailant enters the room and you are not able to flee, consider throwing items at the person to inhibit progress.
  11. Remember that every emergency situation is different and you always should use your best instincts.
  12. After the emergency, use text messaging to notify your friends and family about your situation. Please try to keep cell phone lines open for emergency personnel.