Maritime Law Society


The Stetson Maritime Law Society is an organization of a diverse group of law students with an interest in the law of the sea who are committed to raising the awareness and the advancement of admiralty and maritime law for all persons. During the fall semester, we co-sponsor the popular Sushi Night, providing free sushi for all students on campus, as well as a welcome break from studying! We also provide the opportunity to get scuba certified, participate in beach clean-ups for pro bono service hours, and take kayak trips with other students. We have a lot of exciting opportunities over the next year and we hope you will join us for all of them!



Jason Klafter

[email protected]

Vice President

Eric Post

[email protected]


Jonell Dreznin

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Caitlin Carey

[email protected]

Event Coordinator

Rachel Petty

[email protected]


Christine Birdsong

[email protected]

Part-Time Student Representative

Jennifer Kuramochi

[email protected]

Council Member

Jan Ingram

[email protected]


Prof. Paul Boudreaux

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