Immigration Law Student Association


The Immigration Law Student Association (ILSA) at Stetson University College of Law was formed in 2008. The goals of the organization include working to establish a peer-reviewed Immigration Advocacy Law Review (IALR), looking to increase the scholarly research of immigration law subjects, promoting pro bono service opportunities relating to immigration and naturalization law, locating mentors for law students interested in practicing immigration law, and inviting knowledgeable speakers related to immigration law and other relevant topics in order to increase interest in immigration law within the Stetson Law community. Some of the events that ILSA held in the past were the Dream Act Panel "What Was Not But Could Be," pro bono service with Gulfcoast Legal Services, and the Immigration Writing Competition. We are also working diligently to build a solid relationship with the American Immigration Lawyers Associations Central Florida Chapter.


Daisy Delatorre

Vice President
Alex Dragovich

Naomi Robertson

Samantha Castro

Public Relations Chair
Laura Ocampo