Florida Association for Women Lawyers at Stetson


The Florida Association of Women Lawyers was formed on June 30, 1951, by women lawyers from primarily the Miami area. A Constitution and Bylaws were adopted on June 7, 1952. Until 1980, F.A.W.L. was a state organization that held annual and semi-annual meetings. In March 1980, the membership voted to amend the Bylaws to provide for local chapters of the association. In 1981, the association's name was changed to the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

F.A.W.L. was formed with the following purposes:

  1. to promote the recognition and encouragement of the contributions of women within the legal profession,
  2. to improve the administration of justice and to elevate judicial standards,
  3. to promote the study of law,
  4. to distribute legal knowledge to the general public, and
  5. to improve relations between the bar, the judiciary, and the general public.

Currently, F.A.W.L.'s board of directors, which consists of the state officers and representatives of the local chapters, meets five times a year as a board. Two of the meetings are always held in conjunction with The Florida Bar's annual and mid-year meetings in June and January. The June meeting includes F.A.W.L.'s Annual Installation Luncheon for the new board of directors, which features several prominent speakers. A luncheon with a featured program is also held at the January meeting, and both the June and January meetings offer CLE programs. A third meeting is held in Tallahassee during the legislative session in the spring. A fourth meeting is F.A.W.L.'s Annual Retreat, which is generally held at a resort hotel in August. Planning sessions for the upcoming year's activities are held, but there is also plenty of time for family fun. The fifth meeting is usually held in October. It consists solely of a board meeting at a location selected by the current president. All F.A.W.L. meetings are open to all members. They provide an excellent opportunity to expand contacts by meeting other women lawyers from around the state.

Who Can Join FAWL?

Membership is available to any person, male or female, in good standing in The Florida Bar, or any other state's bar, as well as law students. State dues for lawyers are $30 and $10 for law students. Dues for local chapter membership vary and are reflected on the membership application.


Carly Pannella

Kendall Griesse

Laura Dempsey

Whitney Sousa

Pro Bono Chair
Gracie DiMeo

Pro Bono Committee
Molly Rose Kavanaugh

Development Director
Brennah Toomey

FAWLS Liaison/Chapter Representative (non-exec board position)
Bailey Peterson